Downgrading to premium

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First, let me start with a bit of backstory. I registered with the game 7/28/2011 according to my myaccount page (this was just before U11), and I went VIP 9/23/2011. Expansions did not yet exist in the game at the time. I decided to go VIP, because the person I was playing with at the time was VIP and I wanted to make sure I could run all the same content he did.

Last year, SSG decided to give us players a few nice treats mid pandemic. First, they opened up all the content, including expansions for everyone for a limited time (see, and then they gave us a code that would permanently give you access to all non expansion content released prior to the release of the code. They also let us buy the first two expansions from the ddo store for 99 DDO Points each. I used the free code on all my existing accounts (5 at the time) and also made a new account where I used the code and bought the expansions.

Although the treats were nice, it did mean that my VIP account had lost value. The main reason I went VIP was content and now I had all the content (I had bought all the expansions). I still decided to stay as VIP out of habit and comfort. When SSG released the cost of the different bundles of Saltmarch I got a bit upset. Between the code and this “mini expansion”, SSG had only released one pack that was free to VIP, and that was a four quest pack. This mini expansion was about the size of Gianthold minus the raids, and the base pack was 20 dollars and will be 1999 in the store in February. The 10% discount they decided to give VIPs just felt like an insult to me (and the free Elixir of Discovery for VIPs who bought Saltmarch is just rude – all VIPs should have received it).

Of the previous expansions, I bought base pack for Motu, I had base and legendary upgrade of Shadowfell and the Ultimate Fan edition of Ravenloft, Sharn and Feywild. The expansions come with cosmetics and hirelings delivered to every toon you make – which takes up a lot of inventory space – I throw a lot of it out. The teleporter item was a disappointment for me for Sharn and Feywild so with that and my hireling folder being full, I had decided not to buy any more Ultimate Fan Editions. In fact, I was going to get the base edition of Saltmarch.

When Saltmarch was released, my resentment had grown, and I decided to put my money where my mouth is and let my VIP expire – I removed the payment options from the store so the next payment couldn’t be drawn. This gave me 1.5 weeks to make sure my account was the way I wanted it. I did not buy Saltmarch, but am planning to get it for points.

3 comments on “Downgrading to premium

  1. I’m going to stay a VIP subscriber for the foreseeable future. There are all the adventure pack updates released after the coupon code (and yet to be released), the many perks, however minor, the weekly Gold Roll, and the monthly DDO Store Points. That’s all worth $100 USD a year, IMHO.

    • I would have stayed VIP if SSG didn’t give us the free code – since I didn’t own any content except for what came with the starter pack and expansions. I would also have stayed VIP if SSG had released Saltmarch as a normal pack, or had it as an expansion but free for VIP.
      I am feeling quite happy with the downgrade, though, since I can now buy stuff from the store that I couldn’t before.

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