Xmas plans

I decided to do something I haven’t done in a while, a spontaneous blog post about my ddo plans.

I managed to book 3 weeks off now around Xmas and New Years, and while I do plan to do some irl stuff as well, I have ddo plans.

Here’s my ddo plans or ideas for the next 3 weeks or so:

ER Thazara
Get Firetha and Millusia to 20
TR Firetha and a piker – I’m thinking Darthwolf
Gear farm for Darthpyre and Maidae
Raids (Jarvanna, Maidae or Cerge)
Play Thazmaniac and Thazara
When Thazara caps again, TR Cerge (might be after New Years)

I think that’s it, unless I’m forgetting something.
Thanks for stopping by.

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