The Hardcore League – after party

First I’d like to share the video I recorded back in July – Stealthy Reposession. As you may remember, I did several test runs of this quest on the live server before I attempted it on HC. On HC I believe I streamed the run, and recorded it. The video is now available on my youtube channel.

HC After Party started this week, and I logged into HC to clean out my shared bank and decide what I want to move to the live server. I first logged on my toon that didn’t die – Catgotslain, and saw this off effect happening again and again, so I made a short recording.

Then I logged on Abandoned that died, and checked out what I could and could not do. The rules seemed to apply from before, I could not enter lvl 6 quests at lvl 11, I could enter a lvl 7 quest though, but I could not cast a spell or SLA – it told me I was afraid. When I first logged my screen wasn’t purple, but relogging turned it purple as for the other dead toons. I could level and then enter Lords of Dust at 12. I could die, but didn’t get auto ported – I had to click release. Releasing took me back to The Land of the Lost Souls.

After playing around with the toons on my main account, I logged in on the other account where I had my test toons – ExperiementB, C and D (I deleted A to make room for D). I wanted to do more death tests.

That’s all for this post.
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