Raids week 189

Raids 189 were Tuesday August 25, Wednesday August 26 and Saturday August 29.


1. Project Nemesis LN – practice run

After waiting quite a while I suggested we go with what we have. I don’t believe we got any new ppl this run. After the run I decided to cancel doing practice runs due to lack of interest, only realising after I decided that – that it was the last week sharn was open to everyone anyway. Loot: 64 nemesis runes, 25 threads of fate.


1. Project Nemesis LH

Wednesday I wanted to run Jarvanna. Most the party members were from guild or eeraids channel, but I believe I lfm’d for the last spot. Completion time: 11 min, 52 s. 84 nemesis runes, 30 threads of fate, The Eclipse Itself, Staggershockers and Stickerclick, the Bitter Hail of Bolts.

2. Too Hot to Handle LN

I switched to Thazara for sunbursting and Milamba was out second sunburster – I think. Unless he was doing discos. Forcy was tanking. Completion time: 9 min, 19 s. Loot: 64 forge runes, 25 threads of fate.

3. Killing Time LH

I switched back to Jarvanna for KT. Forcy was on the dragon, Ershar was probably kiting shadows. Completion time: 31 min, 58 s. Loot: 84 time runes, 24 threads of fate, Trinket of Freewill, Gauntlets of the Stormreaver, Wind Howler Mask and at least one schism.

4. The Curse of Strahd R1

Party wanted to do a strahd run and I stayed on Jarv. Jarvanna was intended to be a healer caster – in that order. I piked Darthpyre in the raid since we didn’t fill. This was also the run where someone who was newish happened to activate the doors early and half the party got locked out from shrining. It got a bit interesting as we suddenly had to do doors unorganized. We managed to solve it with some deaths, but still without wiping. Completion time: 37 min, 45 s. Loot: 125 strahd runes, 26 threads of fate, Mantle of Escher, Divinity, the Morninglord’s Goal and Coat of Van Richten.


1. Project Nemesis LH

Saturday I was running Jarvanna again and we started with PN. I believe I lfm’d as we didn’t fill from channel – which is rather unusual for a Saturday. Completion time: 15 min, 43 s. Loot: 84 nemesis runes, 30 threads of fate and Staggershockers.

2. Too Hot to Handle LN

We continued with THTH and with Milamba on sunbursting duty, I felt confident in bringing Jarvanna – who so far has less reliable sunburst dc’s than Thazara. Completion time: 10 min, 36 s. Loot: 64 forge runes, 25 threads of fate.

3. Fire on Thunder Peak R2

Someone wanted to do Thunderholme raids and I stayed on Jarvanna. Since R1 has been quite easy, I suggested R2. Forcy and Akiram played dragon tanks and I decided to mainly play healbot to Aki. Completion time: 12 min, 50 s. Loot: 125 thunderpeaks runes, 18 threads of fate, fire dragon scales, ingots, 1 phlogiston per person, Dragon Masque and 4 x Ward Token.

4. Temple of the Deathwyrm R2

We continued with Deathwyrm, I lfm’d because a spot opened up. We did jumps and tower, spent some time in jumps room practicing. Forcy was dragon tank and Foxxy and Daviusien stayed on deathlords. Completion time: 49 min, 35 s. Loot: 125 deathwyrm runes, 18 threads of fate, shadow scales, ingots, phlogs (1 per person) and Dumathoin’s Bracers.

5. The Curse of Strahd R1

Strahd was chosen next. I had a trinket and I believe Ershar had the other. Forcy was tanking. Completion time: 31 min, 8 s. Loot: 125 strahd runes, 26 threads of fate, Null, the Darkness Without, Echo of The Tome of Strahd and Coat of Van Richten.

6. Old Baba’s Hut R2

And for the last raid of the night we decided to do a baba run. Since we’ve successfully run R1 with killing shamblers, I suggested we run R2 with Forcy tanking the shamblers. I probably asked Torimi to split the group again. Completion time: 38 min, 56 s. Loot: 125 hut runes, 24 threads of fate, a +8 upgrade dex tome, a +8 upgrade int tome and Void, the Endless Cold.

That’s all for raids 189.
Thank you for stopping by.

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