Latest about the interest in the raids

The last x number of weeks I’ve been posting for raids on Wednesdays and Saturdays on Orien server (check out Orien Raiding Discord). Saturday is the main raid night, with Wednesday as the second raid night. I usually want to run PN and THTH, after which I let the party suggest raids to run. I make my decision based on my own wants, but also on the difficulty of the raid and my experience in the interest in the raid in question – will I be able to fill the party and can we short man if we don’t? Here’s the list of raids I mostly do.

Project Nemesis

On Saturday I can fill 2 or 3 runs of this raid easily. I usually do hard, as elite is a lot more stressful and hard has better drop chances than normal. Hard is the default difficulty. On Wednesdays I can usually fill one or two runs, it’s common that at least one Wednesday run is short man, either on normal or hard. Short manning normal is easy enough, even without a tank.

Too Hot to Handle

This raid is harder than PN and also slightly harder to fill. On Saturday my PN group commonly stays for more than one raid and we then have a full group for THTH. On Wednesdays we’ve run 1 or maybe even 2 man short, less than that and I won’t run it. The difficulty I run is normal and we haven’t yet completed a diff above normal.

Killing Time

Killing Time is easy to fill and we easily run hard with almost any group with a tank-like character on dragon. We have completed a few elite runs, but mostly stick to hard for quick and easy.  Occasionally we’ve ended up 1 person short.

Riding the Storm Out

I like this raid, but only post for it if I have at least half a party. With a tank we run R1, with a semi-tank we’ve done elite. Without a tank we run hard. Even though the lightning tends to kill the unprepared and the dragon has more hp than we’d like, this raid is easier than any of the three previously mentioned.

Old Baba’s Hut

Baba’s was the top tier raid for a while and it was really easy to fill. Since then the loot has mostly been replaced by Sharn gear, and popularity in the raid has also dropped. We can usually fill a hard run, though.

The Curse of Strahd

This raid is slightly longer than Baba, or at least feels like it. Last time a hard Strahd vs a hard Baba took equally long. Interest in this raid has dropped and last run we did, we did 8 person (on a Saturday) because of lack of interest. This raid, unlike Baba, requires flagging, which can affect interest.

Defiler of the Just

Defiler has some nice lvl 26 items, and I can usually fill a group for it. The raid is quite dull, though, with a lot of standing around. We commonly run this R1 if a full group.

The Mark of Death

If I post for this raid during raid night, I lose half if not more of the party. The majority of players on Orien are not flagged for this raid, and we most of the time end up short manning, sometimes with as few as 3. Common difficulty is hard, with R1 if a full party.

Fire on Thunder Peak

This raid used to be end game, and was really hard at the time. Now we easily complete R1 with almost any group. This raid is run if we want something quick.

Legendary Tempest’s Spine

I used to run this raid weekly, but with the loot being outdated, I don’t really care to run this raid anymore. We occasionally run it for a quick and easy raid on R2.

The Codex and the Shroud

Most of the time I refuse to post for this raid. I used to say that I would only run it elite or higher to keep me interested, but as it turns out, I fall asleep on elite too. I doze off during P1 every time I run this, and I struggle to get back to raiding after it.

Legendary Hound of Xoriat

I’m not a fan of this raid, even though we usually complete with ease on hard, and have done a few elite, even one reaper. I have a subconscious memory of failing this raid a lot and with the loot being outdated, I just don’t have a lot of interest in it. I agree to run it once in a while if party wants to.

The Fall of Truth

I have zero interest in this raid, but will agree to run it with Osi and Erofen at the end of raid night if they’re running it.

Temple of the Deathwyrm

I used to run this raid a lot. I still have it in the back of my head that this raid takes an hour, which I don’t think it does anymore. I usually don’t want to run it, since I’m assuming it will just take a long time. I will occasionally agree to run it.

Special mentions

The Vault of Night

This raid is low level and a lot of XP so an R1 run at max level 26 for bravery each life is a nice thing to do. I almost always start short man and end upp filling the group before we’re done with the pre.

The Caught in the Web

I don’t really run this anymore, but have with my static group posted for it, as it’s one of the easier raids. When I do post for it, we tend to fill, if not right away at least before the end.

Raid I don’t run

The Chronoscope
Tempest’s Spine
The Titan Awakes
Zawabi’s Revenge
The Reaver’s Fate
The Shroud
Ascension Chamber
A Vision of Destruction
Hound of Xoriat
The Master Artificer
Tower of Despair
The Lord of Blades

I have completed all of these raids more than once, but I run them close to never. I used to run both Shroud and Zawabi’s Revenge a lot, but currently I don’t see much point in running them.

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