SPOILER Sharn The Cogs

The Cogs is a wilderness located in Sharn. All the quests here are full walkups with no quest giver. Most of the quests are also quick, one of them is a bit longer and one can be long if you decide to do it that way. There are 8 quests in the cogs and they can be completed in any order. Here are my screenshots, adding the sharn loading screen to hide the spoilers.

Ruinous Schemes – in this quests you kill a rakshasa

The Wraithcallers – I don’t remember much of this quest and I forgot to screenshot anything but the loading screen. I’ve only done it once so far.

Smash and Burn – this quest had tedious puzzles, but some funny commenting. Every time you break a box you get the text ‘you smashed it real good’.

Thralls of the Fungus Lord – even though I have a screenshot of the end fight, I don’t remember this quest. I believe it finished after we killed the boss.

Roll Call – another quest I forgot to screenshot. I believe we fought and killed a red named shield guardian

Scavenger Hunt – another quest I forgot to screenshot as it was short.

The Magma Must Flow – another short quest

Security Detail – has a red named forgewraith that hurt more than I expected

That is all for the cogs and for sharn.
Until next time.

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