SPOILER Sharn second chain

While first chain is run from the Clifftop Tower Disctrict, the second is located near the tavern and the banker. Here are my screenshots from the second chain, adding the sharn loading screen just to hide the spoilers.

I remember he first quest – No Refunds having a lot of mobs, and since Doobrey had done more than once by the time I got around to running it, we avoided most of the unnecessary fights.

The second quest – House of Pain is another I don’t remember much about. I believe this fight in the picture is the end fight.

The third quest –  Blown Deadline had this insect looking thing that was trying to kill us, along with the small orbs that I believe do force damage. I was enjoying this fight though.

The forth quest – Reach for the Sky I remember being quite long (I could be remembering this wrong though). Doobrey said that in the end fight we have to kill all the previous bosses.

Finishing Reach for the sky flags you for the raid. Of course, you have to run the whole sharn 1 and 2 chain to get there.

That’s all for sharn 2. The Cogs to follow in the next post.


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