SPOILER Sharn first chain

I tired to grab a few screenshots while running the quests, but I don’t have a lot yet. Most of the quests I’ve only done once, some twice. Here are my screenshots from the first chain and some of the public area.

My first experience of Sharn is that the public area is very pretty. Apparently you don’t fall very far if you decide to jump off, but end up back up to. I didn’t test it out though.

The first quest – A Sharn Welcome I don’t remember that much of, even though I’ve done it twice. I believe this is where we meet the first raptor.

The second quest – Red Rain had Poison-slingers that quickly killed you if you didn’t remove the poison.

In the third quest – Best Laid Plans we meet some nasty forgewraiths (not in the picture, but they were there).

In the forth quest – The Same Old Song we have friendly raptors that will attack any enemy you bring into the room.

The fifth quest – Just Business had some nice air fighting going on. Sadly there were so many mobs that it was hard to actually benefit from the flying plaforms. In some places if you fell down you could no longer climb up, as the ladders were bugged.

That’s all for the first chain. The next chain to follow in the next post.


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