Raids week 119

Tomes, tomes, tomes. The theme of raids 119 (April 13) seemed to be tomes. In in the 5 raids we did we got a total of 4 tomes. Here is the short run down of raids 119.

1. Baba’s Old Hut LE
Titus TR’d and Osiride ER’d, so we were out of a dedicated tank for raids. Osi joined on an alt, and the party agreed to try LE without a tank – meaning we’d kill the shamblers. I had an lfm up for raids, but only accepted people off channel. I chose the teams, attempting to split the group evenly. Left side: Osiraider, Arakasii, Caducea, Noircere, Darkanjel and Dashh. Right side: Thazara (me), Tahlua, Madzombie, Mintcake, Gorfang and Foxysoul. Tahlua took reds again, and for outside area Cad kited red crows. Killing the shamblers was successful and the raid completed in 34 minutes, 42 seconds. Loot: 125 hut runes, 24 threads of fate, Echo of the Icon and a +8 int tome.


2. Killing Time LN
Since we didn’t have a tank we decided to do LN and have Tahlua tank. I offered to heal T, and Argentorious said he can kite shadows. I suggested Noircere tank the shadow boss. Since I was using wings (which also gives you feather fall), I felt it’d be too slow to use short cut to get between platforms, and instead used the jets. Tahlua had no issues tanking and I threw a few cocoons here and there. Completion time: 23 minutes, 35 seconds. Loot: 64 time runes, 20 threads of fate, Elyd Charm, Cloak of the Mountain, at least 1 schism and a +7 cha tome.


3. The Curse of Strahd LH
Tahlua does a good backup tank, but since not a dedicated tank build, we don’t attempt the more challenging difficulties with T tanking. I carried one trinket, I think Osi took the other, and T the sunsword. After our reaper runs, this felt both fast and easy. Completion time: 25 minutes, 4 seconds. Loot: 84 strahd runes, 24 threads of fate, Fleetfoot Necklace, Pain, the Half of Whole and a +7 wis tome.


4.  Riding the Storm Out LH
After Strahd I asked the group what they wanted to run and more than one party member voted for RSO. I posted, and shortly after we filled. We had some first time runners or party members who hadn’t done the raid much, so I explained a bit more. Over all it was a quick and easy run. Completion time: 36 minutes, 54 seconds. Deaths: 6. Loot: 84 kor kaza runes, 21 threads of fate, Strap of Scale and Cobalt Guard.


5. Defiler of the Just EH
Some party members wanted to do Defiler, so I posted. After a bit of waiting we decided to go short man. About half way through the spawns, we’re hit with an almost complete lag freeze and we wait to be kicked out. After healing up and getting back to the raid we notice that the frozen instance is still active, even though everyone who wasn’t dc’d had gotten kicked out. We came to the conclusion that it must the the dc’d person who’s locking the instance, so we regrouped and I step into a fresh instance. This time things run smoothly and we complete in 23 minutes, 29 seconds. Loot: 84 defiler runes, 12 threads of fate, Resonation, Gauntlets of the Arcane Soldier and a +6 con upgrade tome.

After Defiler I was done for the night.
That’s all for raids 119.
Until the next raids.

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