Raids week 118

Raids 118 was April 6.

1. Old Baba’s Hut R1
Not enough people in EEraids channel interested in joining, so we got 5 people off the lfm. Party split: left side Titusovid, Papewaiio, Palter, Osiride, Flayke, Ubercc. Right side: Thazara, Tahlua, Goreofwar, Ruinerre, Easterbunny, Torimi. My side (right) had no issues with totems, but I struggled a bit with insta killing lesser crows (either missed one with frog or hit implosion at the wrong time). I had the hut most of the first baba fight. Shambler tank: Titusovid. Completion time: 36 minutes, 47 seconds. Loot: 125 Hut runes, 24 Threads of fate, Echo of Ravenkind, Van Richten’s Spectacles, Fate, the Knower of All.

2. Killing Time LH
Switch of roles in KT, Osi wanted to tank the dragon and suggested Titus kite shadows in the second rift. I said I would heal Titus, which then wasn’t needed and Foxxy got the role of party heals. Completion time: About 51 minutes (I forgot the screenshot the quest report). From entering to raid completion there were 51 minutes. Loot: 84 Time Runes, 24 Thread of fate, at least 2 schisms, Brilliant Crescent, Timeshard, Cloak of the Mountain, Nightshard, and a +7 tome of wisdom.


3. The Curse of Strahd R1
Main tank: Titus, Brides tank: Osiride. I (Thazara) had one trinket, I think Osiride had the other. I also think Tahlua carried the sunsword. In the heart fight things went sideways and the only ones who survived were the tanks. They did manage to salvage the situation, though. Doors was fast, end fight good. Completion time: 43 minutes, 49 seconds. Loot: 125 Strahd runes, 26 threads of fate, Platemail of Strahd, Calamity, a Brush with Death, and Echo of the Tome of Strahd.


4. Riding the Storm Out LE
Osi stepped in while we were still filling, and the raid was active for 26 minutes before we were full and ready to start. I did not want to do this difficulty short man, so waited to fill. For LE, this run was pretty good. After some initial dying, the party seemed to figure out how to stay alive, and we had very few deaths in the end fight. Completion time: 69 minutes, 47 seconds (minus the 26 min we waited at the start, so in reality 43 minutes), deaths: 31. Loot: 125 Kor kaza runes, 25 threads of fate, Flame Insignia, Azure Guard, Cobalt Guard and a +7 tome of strength.


5. Defiler of the Just EE
Again Osi stepped in and started the timer before we were full. I waited to fill the raid. The raid was active for maybe 15 minutes before we started. I asked Osi to split the party. Feeling bored with the repetitiveness of the raid, I didn’t realize were were done with archons until the last wave of reinforcements spawned. Completion time: 35 minutes, 2 seconds (-15 min waiting, so about 20 minutes). Loot: 125 defiler runes, 14 threads of fate, Resonation, Belt of Braided Beards and Many-Hooked Greaves.

That’s all for raids 118.
Thank you for stopping by.


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