The Sharn bundle

I gave SSG some money and they gave me some nice new shinies. The ultimate bundle is just like with the Ravenloft expansion filled with cosmetics. I didn’t buy it for the cosmetics, but I did want the peacock, tome and the teleport to sharn clicky.

After using the code in the store I got 140 Astral Shards, 3 Major Guild Renown Elixirs and 20 Greater Treasure Hunter’s Potions, 5 Mirrors of Glamering and the dimensional bag right away in my inventory. I had to relog to get the sharn ticket. Once clicking on the ticket I got Inquisitive Cosmetics: robe, mask, & cloak (BTA), High Society Cosmetics: outfit, hat, & cloak (BTA), Weapon Aura: Forgewraith (BTA), Cosmetic Pet: Bloodhound, Warforged Peacock (BTA), a Universal Enhancement tome (BTC), a level 15 and a level 30 Shield Guardian (BTC).

If I’m not mistaken, the weapon aura was BTC in Ravenloft, now I’m able to collect one on each of my chars and put it in the shared bank. Each char that logs in will receive a sharn ticket and the things that came with it, so I’ll probably end up throwing a bunch of stuff away. The pets can only be added once, so I’ll be throwing them away on all other characters.

I used the inquisitive robe and cloak on Thaz, the High Society outfit and cloak on Jarvanna. I didn’t like the hat and the mask. I love the peacock pet. 🙂

Thazara in her new cosmetic outfit

Jarvanna in her new cosmetic outfit

My new tiefling

Thaz and the peacock

That’s all for this post.
Thank you for stopping by.

P.S. The prepurchase also gives you tiefling, tiefling scoundrel, inquisitive enhancement tree

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