Raids week 111

Two Saturdays in a row the interest for the Sat raids were was so high that I got overwhelmed and struggled to make a decision. Due to this, last week Saturday I had decided to first invite my guildies, then people from EEraids channel. Since people were changing characters I decided to post an empty lfm with “some spots reserved”. As soon as I did this I got three tells asking me what we’re running and before I had a chance to answer, the same people hit the lfm. Since things were a bit calmer than last week I actually managed to make sure my guildies and Sokos had a spot before filling the raid, and only one person of the applicants didn’t get a spot.


Titus was there to tank for us so we decided to do Baba R1. I was hesitant due to the lack of casters and insta killers for totems, but my worries later turned out to be completely unfounded. I asked Titus to help me split the the group into teams and the teams worked out well. I was doing puzzles on the right side, I’m assuming Papewaiio did them on the left side. We had a lot of dps on baba, and the baba fights completed quite fast. In the run through the hut I had two rogues assassinating the totems and when they weren’t I used my frog to take them out – which this time succeeded every time. I noticed I had some buff that gave me a lot more hp and wisdom (bard song?) than what I usually have.

During puzzles I struggled a bit with timing at times and I didn’t get the puzzles done in one go, but we were about as fast as the other side. We get to the end fight, kill off wisps and red crows before attacking baba. When the shamblers spawn Titus is ready for them and manage to pull them aside right away. This time our dps was so high that the shamblers never managed to do their debuff and we completed the run in record time with 0 deaths. Completion time: 35 minutes, 47 seconds. Kills: 240. Deaths 0. We got 125 hut runes, 24 threads of fate and Patience Through Peril and Molten Silver Gauntlets dropped.

Since the baba run went so well, we decided to do Strahd on reaper 1 as well. We lost one party member and I posted for the available spot. I was surprised that no one in EEraids channel jumped on it, and it wasn’t until I wrote in titan channel that we got a final member. I got one trinket, Talelin the other and I think Titus wanted to carry the sunsword this time. Titus was ready to tank and I had my trinket in my hot bar, but later kept hitting the wrong hot key and failed to rescue at least 2 people. The first shadow fight went well, but felt like it took a long time (which it usually does, the shadows have a lot of hp). We had a reaper spawn and the total in the first room ended up as 22 instead of the normal 21. We headed to the stairs and I was ready – someone pretty much always gets gripped either before stepping through the d-door or right after. I managed to rescue them this time.

The stairs went slow and steady without feeling messy and we got to the heart with everyone alive (we had some deaths on the way there). Titus grabbed strahd and the rest of us focused on the trash. Madzombie who had suffered a dc earlier volunteered to talk to the NPC since he felt he didn’t need to shrine. We waited for Talelin’s timer to be up so we could raise her for d-door, then d-doored back to shrine and spread out. There was some confusion about who would do which doors, but as soon as that was sorted we asked Zombie to talk. We found the cards quickly and finished lighting the torches in the first go with only a few deaths. I took a moment to make sure I had the location of all the cards before continuing. We gathered up, buffed up and hurried in to not get gripped again. I think Titus wanted Erofen to park the brides, but from experience the best way of doing this fight is to let Titus have all the aggro. I struggled to rescue people from grip and then I got gripped myself. Other than that I thought the fight was quite smooth and we completed in our first try. Completion time: 41 minutes, 1 second. Kills: 111. Deaths: 16. We got 125 strahd rues, 26 threads of fate and Calamity, a Brush with Death, Bell of Warding and Null, the Darkness Without dropped.

We lost another party member after Strahd and I asked in EEraids channel for a replacement for Killing Time. Icenecrista wanted in so I invited him. Asbat wanted to wait inside so I asked the group if hard was ok and he stepped in on hard. I also asked if we had anyone in the party who could kite shadows and when no one volunteered, Zombie said I should do it. I have offered to try before, but this was hard and I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t be able to do it. When everyone was in I talked to the NPC and we did the drop downs while Titus headed to the dragon. Talelin was going to stay on Titus, but when I said I needed her to heal the party during the second rift, I guess she decided to stay with the party in all 3 rifts (or I didn’t specify that it was 2nd rift I meant). Titus did a good job of tanking though and didn’t really need heals.

During drop downs I counted wrong and said we were done when we had one left to do, even though Zombie had counted right and was keeping track (I mistook gh and tor as 2 rooms instead of one). Anyway, during the dragon fights we had a hard time with trash, and the melees had to switch from kor kaza to deal with trash so that we wouldn’t all just die. I helped with insta kills, but I could only kill the robots that spawned in later waves, and destruction has a bit of a too long cool down to be effective in killing trash. The first rift completed without issues and then (after 2 more dragon fights) we got to the second rift.

Tahlua was Nyt tank again and was supposed to place him beside the stairs to reduce damage on the party. I ran in and cast 3 blade barriers, one on each side of the stairs and one right on the stairs. I started running back and forth on the south side of the map and I see a shadow fly from the south east straight at the party placed to the right of the stairs. I run towards them as quickly as I can and throw a blade barrier on them in hopes of pulling the shadow quickly. I didn’t care that I might pull the boss as well, I figured they’d be able to get aggro back without issues. Initially the shadow killed about half the party, but once I had the shadow back on me they continued the fight without issues. I don’t think I had noticed this before, but after a while the floor started filling with purple circles with expanding inner circles, and I was sure they’d hurt me if I stepped in them. So I kept kiting the shadows, navigating between the circles and throwing bb behind me to make sure I kept aggro. Not too long after the party finished the fight and both shadows and circles disappeared. My hands were shaking from the excitement. The rest of the raid, including the fight against LoB went quite well and we completed in 54 minutes and 21 seconds (though the timer probably started when Asbat stepped in). Kills: 138, deaths: 24. We got 84 time runes, 24 threads of fate, two schisms dropped as well as Mail of the Mroranon.

To my surprise, we only lost one party member after KT, and the lfm for RSO wasn’t up long before we filled and could step in on hard. I think it was Asbat who asked if we need puzzlers and I said that anyone who wants to can puzzle. I switched a few items to increase the dc of my turns (to 55) and was ready to kill any skellie who wasn’t red or orange. The center area puzzles completed quickly and I told the party that the jets are bugged like ladders. I was told that the difference is that the ladders are randomly bugged while these are constant. The jets just drop you down unless you jump past the first part of them. The first dragon fight completed before we knew it and we headed to the south east. I was ready to open puzzles, but when others were already doing that I decided to help puzzle instead. At each puzzle I either opened it, did it or checked that someone was heading for it before continuing.

When we got to the ravine I opened the north puzzle, then ran straight west while ignoring the skellies. I think there was already someone on the rune to the west opening that puzzle so I decided to deal with the north ones. I jumped up to kill the skellies, then noticed that some of the party members had caught up so I let them do the puzzles while I continued to the west ones. When I got there I realized I was the first one to take the jet up – the skellies were still alive. The party was right behind me so I stayed to help with skellies and checked that the puzzles got done before continuing to the south west. Most of the party gathered south west waiting for the last puzzles to get done before heading back to the shrine. We gathered at the shrine, then headed back to the dragon for the final fight.

This completed without any bigger issues and we finished the raid in 32 minutes, 33 seconds. Kills: 68, deaths: unavailable since I didn’t die. We got 84 kor kaza runes, 21 threads of fate, Strap of Scale, Bolt Insignia, and Cerulean Guard dropped.


I asked the party if there was something they wanted to run and I got two votes for mod and one for doj. Due to this I decided we’d do mod first and then doj. We lost some party members and some switched, but it didn’t take too long for the party to fill and I suggested we do R1. I almost forgot to make sure we had someone doing the sides, but did before I locked the raid. I did, though, forget to switch to crusader ED for immunity to petrification, but I felt a lot happier in my main ED since it makes me a much better spell caster. I struggled less with killing mobs in this ED and I and a few others stayed in center killing trash. I made sure to jump around as much as possible, but also think I got lucky since I never got targeted by the Abbot. The side rooms completed and the beholders spawned. I managed to kill some with implosion, but I did get hit with anti magic a few times. I did my best to raise people and shouted “now kill Abbot!”. We completed the run in 14 minutes and 57 seconds. Epic Deific Diadem (the diadem in my name), Epic Noxious Embers, and Epic Litany of the Dead dropped as well as 125 death runes and 13 threads of fate. I decided to keep the diadem for myself for epic reincarnation.


Then it was time for defiler. We lost some party members so I posted the raid on the lfm. I don’t remember at what point we decided to do elite, but elite was chosen. Since we did lose some of the high dps members, I was a bit worried that we’d struggle on elite, but I was wiling to try anyway. Soon after we filled I stepped in, but noticed some others were waiting outside. They then told me they wanted to make sure one party member was flagged before stepping in. As we do, someone activates the first fight (if you shoot at one of the orthons, everything teleports to you) and a few people die right away. We continue anyway and when we get to the gate I’m the first one there. I realize I don’t actually know where to stand to not get hit by blades and I see Lujaan telling us we’re standing in the wrong spot. The party gathers and the raid locks.

We lag like we usually do, but this time it gets the better of us and we wipe. I ask the party if they want to try again, then release, heal up and hurry back to re-enter the raid to get a different instance (second time entering gives you a different instance unless you take too long). Second attempt seems to work better and this time we neither kill the party with an early ambush at the start nor wipe at the gate. I don’t remember if I asked Bruder to split the party this time or not, but I have a slight memory of doing just that. We struggled with some of the executioners, but get to the end fight without losing any archons. The end fight is quick and easy as it always is and we complete in 24 minutes and 3 seconds. We got 125 defiler runes, 14 threads of fate and Dissolution dropped as the only named item.

After Defiler it was past 2 in the morning for me and I was done for the night.
That’s all for raids 111.
Thank you for stopping by.


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