Raids week 105


Last week Saturday I logged on on time for raids and Tahlua and Devil were online and I assume waiting. I invited them, then posted for Babas. Interest was high and we filled in maybe 10 minutes. I looked at the group and decided on a hard run. I partially split the party while telling the rest to pick sides – which resulted in an uneven split. This wasn’t an issue, though, since we had enough dps and puzzlers on both sides. During the first fight I got hut aggro and spent the rest of the fight mostly lying down. During the puzzles we had one of the reds run across the puzzle, so I told the tanks that I wanted just one person to deal with the red crow, while the rest focused on killing the lesser and doing the puzzle. The fight outside went really well as did the end fight. During one of the puzzles I was trying to sort my audio, I had unplugged my headset and plugged it in again, and by doing so I lost all my sound. Doing this caused me to die, as I wasn’t paying attention. The run completed in 41 minutes, Gulthias Staff and a +5 upgrade tome of strength dropped. Everyone also got 84 Hut Runes and 10 Threads of Fate.

Next was Strahd, and we had 2 spots open that I posted for. I got a tell asking me to save the spots, so I took the lfm down, telling them to send a tell when ready. As they did so, another spot opened up and I lfm’d again for the last spot – which filled quickly. I stepped in, activated the cards and grabbed one of the trinkets, read the cards, then moved back to the entry to buff the party. Intha volunteered to take the other trinket. The first fight seemed a bit difficult, but we managed through it. I then, as always, went to the left and aggro’d the shadows that spawn there – the rest of the party went the other way, leaving me alone with the shadows. Since I don’t have an insta killer for them, I just stayed there waiting for someone to come help me, which they did but they missed one of the shadows. Everyone was already heading towards the stairs when I told them to come kill the shadow I was parking. I had no intention of killing him myself, which I probably could have, but wanted to save my sp. We got to the stairs and I again asked the party to stay near the trapper. The trapper fell off at one of the jets and I jumped down to get him. Later someone else fell and I went to get them too. I wasn’t too worried, since I know I can take at least 2 hits from the spikes without dying, and I have a lot of healing for when I do take damage. I jumped down, grabbed the stone and ran back up.


Most of us waited before the part where the red shadows spawn, but someone ran ahead and spawned them. I happened to get aggro and died. We killed them off, then headed to the heart. Melubb was to tank strahd during the fight (if I remember correctly), we got through the fight somewhat fast but with a few deaths. I grabbed the sunsword and told the party to d-door on the stars. Devil stayed again. We shrined, took a moment to make sure everyone was at their doors and started opening. I did not have my map and numbers in front of me, and I struggled a bit to know which direction to go. I hid in a tomb and killed off a few skulls while waiting for people to light the torches, then took a moment to look for some of them – asking the party to say where they were. As we’re waiting for everyone to get raised, someone gets gripped and dead. Then as we step in our brides kiter dies. We wait for them to get back up then start. Tahlua was on strahd, and Melubb brides. When strahd is looking prepped I look at the brides and they looked prepped too, so we kill strahd, then brides and complete in the first try. The raid finished in 43 minutes, The MasqueSpiral, the Voice of the Elements and a +7 dex tome dropped. We also got 84 Strahd Runes and 24 Threads of Fate.


Lujaan wanted to do Defiler, so I posted for it before KT. Hard this time, since elite last week lagged out completely. I also asked Devil or Tahlua to pick teams for us. Devil made a teams list for us, we waited for everyone to get in, then started. The hard run was quite easy, we killed all the executioners, reinforcements, the snake and the boss. Even some of the trash. Since I was having issues with my audio (I had sound but my mic wasn’t working), I typed some, but let others do most. That is, type the location of the executioners. The raid completed in 23 minutes, UltimatumResonation and Many-Hooked Greaves dropped. We also got 84 Defiler Runes and 12 Threads of Fate.


Then it was time for Killing Time. I posted for the couple of spots that opened up and looked at the party to make a decision on shadow kiting and healing. I chose to heal the tank, and since Lion was confident in doing party heals in shadow room I decided to stay with the tank throughout. I again got to the dragon a bit quicker than the tank a couple of times and almost got killed. Once I actually did. The tank was also dps’ing Kor Kaza while tanking, which caused trash to spawn and I told him to slow down. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep us alive if we got over run by trash. I did manage to kill a few with destruction though. The party completed the rifts at a good pace and the dps on the dragon was good as well. When the party was in the third rift I died and the tank didn’t manage to throw me a raise. Soon after he died as well. I tested jumping off, but when you do that your spirit doesn’t teleport, but you get stuck floating in the air. I also used jibber’s there and got stuck. Tank used jibber’s and lasted a little while before dying again. Lucky for us the party was doing good and completed the last rift in good time. When I died after using jibber’s, my soul stone ended up on a different platform than where the tank was. Some party members were kind enough to come get me. The raid completed in 34 minutes, Brilliant Crescent and a schism dropped. We also got 64 Time Runes and 20 Threads of Fate.


Some people left, others switched before RSO. Since the loot drop in normal has been terrible, I suggested we do a hard run – especially since we had a full party. Also since we were doing hard, I suggested we don’t split the party but that the whole party should go south east after the first dragon fight. We struggled a bit with the timing of some of the first puzzles, while we had a good amount of dps on the red names. I helped unlock puzzles and made sure that we had people working on them, then ran ahead to the next ones. Some other party members were doing the same and I noticed we already had unlocked some of the puzzles forward. I took the path via the north and some followed while others took the ravine path. As we continued south west, someone got left in the ravine. When the puzzles were finished I ran to get them and brought them to the shrine. We shrined and headed to the end. The end fight went well for the most part – we had some deaths, including me. The raid completed in 42 minutes, Cobalt GuardDiscerning GazeStrap of Scale, and Symphony dropped. We also got 84 Kor Kaza runes and 21 Threads of Fate.


Then, since I wasn’t quite ready to go to bed yet, I decided to post for LTS, R2. Before everyone even had entered the raid, some started progressing and killed off most of the mobs. I waited a bit then followed – getting locked out from the first golem fight and not even being needed in fire & ice. Someone else grabbed the rune and later completed the puzzle, I just shrined and asked if anyone needed fom – noticing that someone else was already casting it. The end fight was mostly easy, I got insta killed a few times, and ended up being thrown up on the pillar where I stayed until I got knocked off. We completed in 24 minutes with 33 deaths. Some named items dropped but fewer than normally. I got 125 Tempest Runes and 19 Threads of Fate.

After TS I was done for the night. Until the next raids.


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