Thazara does White Plume Mountain

Some time ago I was sent a tell asking when I was going to make a video of Thazara running White Plume Mountain EE solo, and I replied that I hadn’t intended to do one, but that I could if the person wanted me to. They said yes and the run has been in the plans for a while, but I guess I kept forgetting. White plume mountain isn’t a quest I’ve done more than a few times before, so a week or so ago I did a quick heroic run just to get a feel of the amount of mobs and fights I’d be facing. Today I decided to finally do the run. The first time I stepped in I got the riddle wrong, and not wanting to waste sp on fighting the cat I teleported out and reset the quest. Second try I died fighting the vampire, as I didn’t get out of the blue circle fast enough. I didn’t count the first one as an attempt, though, so on the second actual attempt I managed to complete. The mobs hit hard, but so did I, and as long as I kept staying away of harms way and healing myself, I actually didn’t have any issues killing the mobs – and I managed to do so without running out of sp this time.  Have a look at some screenshots and the video below.

In the key room I ended up fighting the ooze

The boss to the left

The boss to center



The video

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6 comments on “Thazara does White Plume Mountain

  1. Nice run! It almost makes me want to play a Cleric again. Almost… ;-P

    Do you have your build and gear posted anywhere? I’m curious as to what weapons you’re using. I saw Brazen Brilliance float by a few times so Echo of the Sunsword is one. As a primarily melee weapon it doesn’t seem like it does much for a caster, except for the Brazen Brilliance and an orange slot to park your Meridian Fragment in. What is your other weapon, or weapons if I’m wrong about the Echo of the Sunsword?

  2. Oh, almost forgot: I was wondering what Destiny you were in because when you were kiting mobs through your BB I never saw you use Leap of Faith. But then when you jumped into the pit you did use it. I’d think you’d get better kiting by Leaping past the mobs into your BB. I mean, obviously you beat them just fine, it’s just something I’ve done when playing a character who is in Exalted Angel so it stood out for me.

    • 🙂 It’s about habit. I was running in EA without Leap of Faith for years and only traded third tier of Endless Faith for it some weeks back.. so not too accustomed to using it yet. Working on it.

  3. I do need to update Thaz 1.6 build plan a bit, but since I use it for epic reincarnation and it’s not really much different than her current build plan, I haven’t updated it.

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