Raids week 104

On Saturday I was about 10 minutes late for raids. Devil and Tahlua were on so I invited them right away, then put the lfm up. There was a lot of interest again and we filled in less than 10 minutes. I didn’t feel like waiting for a tank so I picked LH. We stepped and while waiting for all I suggested sides for a few key roles, Tahlua and Devil as red crow tanks, puzzlers and insta killers for totems. The rest got to pick sides. The dps on Baba seemed a bit slow, but we were doing ok. The hut landed, we stepped in and headed for the puzzles. We didn’t get far before we were hit with crippling lag that lasted minutes – I decided to not try and fight through it and called a restart. I released as I had died and once I was back, everyone else had managed to get out too, so I reset the instance and stepped in again.

Second try was much better, we saw a moment of lag during totems, but not so much that we couldn’t continue. My side had a hurler and me for totems, later I realized we also had a rogue that was killing them. For puzzles I took a step back and just focused on killing crows – since we had 2-3 people already working on them. During the second time through I decided to help where I could. This time I don’t believe I got aggro of the hut once. I mean I got the icon for a moment, but the hut then aggro’d on someone else. We got to the last part and I said to kill wisps, crows and then attack baba. One wisp was missed and by the time it went down, the crows were also taken care of. We fought baba, killed shamblers (I pulled aggro of one and kept it until the party was done with the other) and then killed baba. The raid completed in 32 minutes, we got 84 hut runes, 19 threads of fate and Memory of a Tailor’s Duress and Echo of the Icon dropped.

Next was Strahd. One person left, I posted and we filled, but as we stepped in the joiner realized they were on timer. We waited almost 10 minutes more before we had a last joiner. I grabbed a trinket and asked Tahlua to do the sunsword. Since I didn’t get any volunteers for the other trinket, I assigned someone. We had someone who said they were new to the raid so I explained a bit more than I usually do. We killed Rahadin and the shadows and headed for the stairs. During stairs I was asking the party to stay near so I’d have a chance to rescue them with the trinket. When our trapper fell I decided to go get them myself, which I managed to do without dying – but doing so I was unable to rescue someone else from grip. I realized that when people get gripped I need them to only say grip, x, or g in party chat – alternatively their name and grip over voice. Anything else counts as a distraction and will make me take longer to try and rescue them – usually leading to them dying. We get to the top with a few deaths, one person being dead as we step through. The heart fight goes well with only 2-3 deaths. Devil stays to talk while the rest of us d-door, shrine and spread out by the doors. When doors activate and we open them, I don’t find one in mine. While running around I see the card Tahlua was standing by and decide to hide in the same crypt. As I do, skulls spawn and we both work on killing them off and I hit the torch when it’s it’s turn. I run to check the location of one of the cards before joining the group. For the end fight I asked Lubash to prep the brides and this works out well, we prep strahd while Lubash preps the brides and we manage to finish in the first try. The raid completed in 41 minutes and we got skunked on loot. Everyone got 84 strahd runes and 24 threads, though.

Usually I do KT then RSO after Strahd, but Lujaan asked for doj, so I posted for that one next. Since doj is quite a boring raid with a lot of waiting, and I know we can handle elite, I chose elite. This turned out to be a bad idea since doj tends to lag, tends to lag more on elite, and we already had some bad lag in Baba’s. In the first attempt it felt choppy already when we started running towards the gate. At the gate we almost froze, but managed to ge through the fight. I don’t remember if we even managed to kill the first executioners before we started getting really bad lag so I called a restart and hurried to get back to get a different instance. Reset and try again, and this time we had a much better fight at the gate. We were struggling a little to organize, even though we had teams that I asked Devil to assign. We fail to rescue one archon, but then do better the next few spawns. And then we’re hit with lag again. Freezing lag where we can’t do anything but wait for the raid to fail due to too many reinforcements.


I asked the party if we should try hard or if we’re done (thinking that I don’t feel like trying again), and Lujaan says he’s out of time. I decide to post for KT instead. I post, we wait and Intha sends me a tell that he and Melubb will join and Melubb can tank. We also get another cleric, but noticing that said cleric is a multiclass, I decide not to put them on heals duty – for most of the raid anyway. I decide to stay with the tank, and since I know quite well by now where the dragon will land, I run ahead, almost dying as I end up alone with the dragon more than once – dying one time. I guess I’ll need to remember to tell the tank where to go next time, in case they don’t know. I also shortcutted by jumping down, as running from up top is faster than using jets to get between platforms – especially if you need to go to the opposite side of the main platform. I told the wizards to be on trash duty and this seems to be going somewhat well. When we get to the second rift I ask the other cleric to stay with the tank – since I felt Thaz should heal the party in the shadow room. We often have one or more shadows aggro on the party, which means spamming heals – just like in the gate fight in doj. One shadow does aggro again and I manage to heal through it this time – being prepared for it. We had a few deaths – mainly people standing outside my mass healing rage. We finish, shrine up and head back. For the 3rd and final rift I again stay with the tank, and this is where I die as I reach the platform way ahead of the tank. I get a raise and get back to keeping the tank alive, which I again fail at one moment where the tanks takes a massive amount of damage. Luckily the tank can be raised right away and we get back to it. The raid completed in 39 minutes and Trinket of Freewill dropped. Everyone also got 64 time runes and 20 threads of fate.

Then I wanted to do RSO and we actually had some people asking about it. Olympusmons had an lfm up for reaper LTS but with little interest in the run he and someone else decided to join my group instead and we filled somewhat quickly. With a few first timers in the group, I decided on just an easy normal again. I told the party Tahlua will go SE, I go SW and the rest can pick side, just not all go the same way. The dragon fight completed quickly and I and a few others went SW. After opening the first puzzle I left a puzzler on it, then headed to the south, only turned around to show people where to go after the bridge. We completed the south puzzles and headed north, met up with the others north. Some of us went to shrine, the rest gathered near the platform in center. Once everyone was there we headed up to the dragon. The dragon fight was a bit faster than it usually is and we completed in 33 minutes. No named item dropped, but we got 64 runes and 19 threads. Need to start doing hard runs again for better loot chances.

Since defiler was out and I was down for one more raid I suggested R1 fotp. I posted and some flagged while we waited to fill. I assigned dragons to Melubb and Tahlua, and stayed near Tahlua during most of the raid to help with the dragon. Since we had some first timers in the group I listed the steps and parts of the raid. The group had a good amount of dps and things progressed quickly – we were flying through the parts. The longest wait was of course the last part when you have the break the artifact – this because the shield on the artifact is timed. It stays down until you damage the artifact to a certain point then stays up for a specific amount of time (I’ve never timed it). I don’t think you can damage the artifact e.g. with dots while the shield is up – unlike the phlogistons in deathwyrm. The raid completed in 15 minutes, everyone got a phlogiston, 125 runes and 18 threads. Dragon Masque and Dethek Runestone also dropped.

After fotp I was done for the night.
That’s all for raids 104. Until next time.


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