Raids week 103

On Saturday December 22 I logged on at 9 pm my time. I invited Devil before posting the lfm, then wondered if Tahlua was going to show up or not. There was a lot of interest this time and I had to take the lfm down while I waited a few extra min to see if Tahlua was going to show. At 10 past I decided to fill the group, and a few min later Tahlua did show up. At that time we had already stepped in and were ready to start (on LH). I promised to get Tahlua a spot for the next raid. We started with baba, this week on hard. I picked a few roles for the sides, but let the rest choose.

The first run through the hut we ended up with 7 on the right and 5 on the left, so Devil switched to the other side on the second run through. Puzzles were going well except for one of the reds running across the puzzle once and we had to fix it after already completing it. We had some deaths to wisps, but nothing like the other week when my side almost wiped. When we got to the part with the shamblers I was shooting the one the party wasn’t attacking and pulled aggro on myself. The party finished their shambler quickly and then continued with the one I had and it went down as well without any more deaths. We killed baba and finished the raid in 37 minutes. A +7 dex tome dropped and Vestments of RavenloftBloodrage Chrism, and everyone got 84 hut runes and 19 threads of fate.

I waited for people to finish debating their loot drops and for there to be a free spot for Tahlua before posting for Strahd. I also waited to make sure we had the roles needed before stepping in. We had some first timers or at least people who were quite new to the raid so I didn’t even consider any other difficulty than hard. I stepped in and started the cards while grabbing the first trinket. I think Coldsilver took the other and I asked Tahlua to do the sunsword. I spent some extra time during most of the parts (including the first fight in the doors room) explaining what we were doing, and for people to be quick to say if they got gripped (during stairs). On the stairs Erofen helped our trapper know where the boxes are (since our trapper was new to the raid), and most of the group stayed near helping with trash. We also didn’t have anyone but the trapper get blown off, and they didn’t die while running back to us. We finished stairs with less deaths than normally. We get to the heart and while I’m typing instructions I die. I’m sure I was gripped, but since I was focused on typing I didn’t notice. Someone grabs my stone and we step inside. I get a raise before the fight starts. We have some deaths in the heart fight, but it completes quickly. Erofen stays to talk to the NPC while we d-door and shrine.

We spend some time explaining the doors part – I some, Tahlua some, we make sure we have people on all numbers and then I ask Ero to talk. We find the cards quickly and I (or someone) says to read the first card. I help keep track of the next card and we finish the doors part with only one death this time. While waiting for the death timer to end, someone else get gripped and dies. We wait for them to get up, I explain the plan for the end fight, we step in and start. I wanted Melubb to tank and prep brides and this seem to work well for a while. Melubb goes down and brides charge at the rest of the group and Tahlua dies. Devil pics up the sunsword and someone else grabs the brides and kites them. One of the brides had died and respawned and I told the party to hold off on strahd until the brides are prepped. The dead get raised, strahd and brides prepped and we manage to complete in the first try. The raid completed in 48 minutes and Sanctity, the Morninglord’s Keep dropped. Everyone also got 84 strahd runes and 24 threads of fate.

I was asked what raids I had planned to do and I replied with KT, RSO and Defiler. Ero wanted to do them in reversed order so he didn’t need to switch character. I decided to post for Defiler first. We lost about half the party, but filled quickly. I decided on EH for an easy run, and also decided to split the group in south and north team – as we were in my party list. We stepped in and waited for everyone, then proceeded to the gate. The fight by the gate went really well this time – I don’t think we had any deaths. We split up accordingly and killed off our executioners, then helped the other side when needed. After killing all the waves we gathered byt the open gate before the end fight, buffed up and stepped in. The end fight completed without issues – we killed the snake and the boss and the raid completed in 23 minutes. Many-Hooked Greaves dropped x 2, and we all got 84 defiler runes and 12 threads of fate.

Then I wanted to do KT. Carlinee was supposed to tank for us, but he was having connection issues (first he went afk), so we waited to see if he was coming back before I decided to give up and have Tahlua tank (who isn’t a dedicated tank build). Paizo got to do tank heals and I wanted Ero and Korsto to start dpsing the dragon while the rest of us did drop down rooms. I guess this got a bit messy at first as Korsto and Ero got to the dragon before Tahlua who fell. I did wiz-king room then headed to help with the dragon. I noticed some thing I haven’t before – every so often there are arrows dropping in the dragon fight. I didn’t notice them doing much damage though. I told Torimi and Kharise that they were in charge of making sure the trash dies quickly and this seemed to work well – focus on trash meant trash actually died quickly.

I was on party heals and follower the party in all 3 rifts. The first rift is easy and doesn’t really need heals. The second can be difficult if a shadow or more aggro’s on the party – which is what happened this time as well. The difference was that this time I actually managed to heal through it, only characters not within my pmss heal range died. Once the shadow was off the party I ran off to raise people not in range. We finished the shadow fight and headed back. For the third rift I considered switching with Paizo – especially since he was out of sp, but last second decided to leave him with tank while I followed the party. This turned a bit exciting when Tahlua died and then Paizo, Paizo did though raise himself half way though our fight, but died before he could get Tahlua up. We were fighting LoB against the clock, but I wasn’t really worried. LoB went down when the ritual was at 45%. I actually did the quest report screenshots before we completed, so failed to get the completion time. Elyd Charm dropped, Erofen got a schism and everyone got 64 time runes and 20 threads of fate.

Then it was time for RSO. We again lost about half the party, but got joiners quickly. When we were 1 spot short of filling I decided to join on Gods as a piker (extra loot chance). As I logged on Gods someone else hit the lfm – then another member decided to leave just as I logged Gods off again. I logged Gods back in and joined the group. I told the party that for side area Devil will go SE, I will go SW and the rest can choose where they go. We had decided to do an easy normal. The dragon fight went well, side area puzzles were completed quickly. I of course forgot to screenshot that part as I was running as fast as I could, killing skellies and completing puzzles. We shrined and the party stopped below the platform – waiting for everyone before taking the jests up. We killed the dragon before she had time to spawn circles. The raid completed in 26 minutes, we got skunked on loot but everyone got 64 kor kaza runes and 19 threads of fate.

I was down for another raid so asked the group if there was anything else they wanted to do. Fire on Thunder Peak was suggested and I posted for EE. Some were wondering if I was planning to short man, but soon after we filled. I asked the monks to tank/ kite the dragons and didn’t really tell the rest much, except for the part where we need to kill the artifact – and to kite the dragons during that part. I started thinking that we could have done a higher difficulty, but since we did have a few deaths, EE was probably alright. The raid complete in 16 minutes, Ward Token dropped and everyone got a phlogistone, 125 thunderpeaks runes and 18 threads of fate.

After fotp I was done for the night.
Until the next raids.


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