Raids week 102


I’m again writing this blog a bit late, the same day that raids 103 is supposed to happen. I always try to get the previous blog done before the next raids night. Raids 102 happened Sat Dec 15, or 15-16 for me since we again passed midnight. I as normally logged around 9 pm Swedish time and invited Zombie and Tahlua before posting the lfm. Sokos seemed to be waiting, since they joined very quickly after the lfm for Baba went up. By 9.15 we had a full party and I was trying to decide the difficulty. LH is a safe bet, we can do LH with almost any group, while for LE and reaper we’re very dependant on the tank, so I wanted Titus to confirm that the difficulty I chose was ok. I picked LE. This week again I split the party in teams, and since last week we ended up with more insta killers for totems on my side, I decided to give the left side both a frogger (mass frog) and a hurler (a warlock with hurl). On my side I assumed it was just me with insta kill, until I saw Erofen assassinate some of the totems. He couldn’t get all of them, but with me getting some and Ero some, we only had a few we needed to take down in other ways. As for puzzles, my side was again slightly faster and ended up waiting for the other side to complete – especially the last puzzle. During the second run through we had wisps spawn and as I ran around the corner to one of the totems I got blasted to death – as did a few others. I think it was Titus who threw me a raise and I helped get the others up so we could continue. In the end fight we had a couple of deaths, but over all it went well. Shamblers aggro’d on someone in the party at first, so Titus had to chase them down to move them to the side. Lubash took it upon himself to keep Titus healed while I stayed with the party. The raid completed in 50 minutes and everyone got 125 runes and 24 threads. Unless I failed to screenhot the items, we got no named loot.


Next I posted for Strahd. Erofen switched, and I believe we had only 1 free spot, which was filled quickly. I didn’t feel like doing a difficult run like last week so I suggested we run the raid on hard. Since I got no complaints to my suggestion, I stepped in an read the cards. This week we got M B H I D. I also picked up the green trinket and later Erofen got the other. In the first shadow fight I decided to not zoom around and grab aggro of everything, but stayed with the group. I also tested mass frog and implosion on the oranged named shadows – since I was told the spells should work – but I was only seeing blue shields. Thaz has intentionally dumped spell penn, and mainly focused on light spells that don’t require spell penn. I have not wanted to do a different cleric build on Thaz, I might try something else with one of the other chars at some point. Anyway, we get to the stairs and this week things are a lot less messy than last – yet we do have some deaths and end up waiting for the trappers to get raised at one point. The heart fight goes well with a few deaths, I ask Zombie to stay again and most of us d-door and head to the shrine. I believe 2 or 3 people failed to take the d-door and were left on the stairs. Some people go back to get them (I don’t have d-door, so I decided to wait), and a second time 2 people fail to take d-door.

Once everyone is in the doors room and have a number to doors they’re supposed to open, Zombie talks and we open the doors. I found M and stayed on it, lit it once people said they had the other cards. This weeks card location was: M 6.3, B 4.3, H 1.3, I 1.1, D 6.4. I started a spreadsheet to keep track of these, which can be seen here. I don’t have enough data yet to come to any kind of conclusion, though. In the end fight I wanted someone to take brides, but in the end we ended up just fighting the brides at the same time as Strahd – which lead to a failure on the first attempt – a bride was dead when strahd fell and since they get back up much faster than he does, strahd got back up when we were fighting the respawned bride. On the second attempt we completed, though. The raid completed in 42 minutes and we got 84 raid runes, 24 threads, a +7 int tome dropped and Flow, the Piercer of Hearts.


Some people switched characters, but no one left after Strahd, so I didn’t put an lfm up for KT. The problem? The only other heals able character in the group (Lubash), was also our shadow kiter. This meant that I could stay with Titus for rift 1 and 3, but for 2 I was needed in the shadow room. I decided to go with this, though, stay with Titus for the rest of the raid, but leave him solo for rift two. We struggled a bit during the dragon fights due to trash, and maybe melees standing too close to the dragon (I was told this causes the dragon to jump around), and had some deaths, but other than that I thought things progressed just fine. In the shadow room, even though I was healing we nearly wiped. A shadow or two came up on the altar and stared killing us off. I decided to throw a blade barrier and drag the shadows off to try and raise our shadow kiter who had died because of lag. I got him up but kept shadows until I died. Lubash got the shadows back and I got a raise and went back to raising and healing the party. For the rest of the raid I followed the dragon with Titus. On one of the platforms Titus fell off and I was left alone with the dragon. At first the dragon stayed aggro’d on Titus, but as T ported the dragon noticed me and walked over and sprayed me in the face. The first time I managed to stay alive, but just as Titus was getting back to the platform I got hit again and dropped. Got a raise from T and went back to healing. Lubash switched to healing mode in rift 3 (or said he was going to, since I wasn’t there I don’t know what happened), and the group completed the 3rd rift. The raid completed in 37 minutes, we got 64 runes and 20 threads. Erofen got a schism. Other than that we seemed to get skunked on loot.


We lost one party member after KT so I posted for RSO for the last spot and Nep joined. I asked the party which diff they’d like and the group seemed fine with normal. I told the group that we usually start SE, but that I intend to go west, so people can choose which direction they want to go. Zombie told me last week that he always goes east, so I assumed the party would either follow him or me. As far as I was aware almost everyone in the group knows the raid well, so I didn’t really tell anyone what to do – except the one who said he’d only run the raid once before. After completing the side area puzzles we gathered at the shrine before heading to the end fight. Shrined and then back to dragon. I waited a little so everyone would catch up (I don’t do well with dragon aggro), but didn’t really need to since I failed to use the jet on my first attempt and got delayed anyway. The dragon fight went well without much issues, casters took care of air ellies and I helped dps a little. The raid completed in 28 minutes and we got 64 runes and 10 threads. According to my screenshots we got no named (unless I failed to screenshot them).


I wanted to do Defiler on elite, and posted. We again only lost one party member, Ero and Nep switched chars. Pony sent a tell asking to reserve just before two people hit join on the lfm. I sent the interested people a tell about the reserved spot, then clicked decline so their join request wouldn’t stay active (unless you decline it stays pending until the party fills). We waited for pony then stepped in. While waiting I created teams with 4 on each side and 3 + pony in center. We entered on elite. The fight by the gate went quite well, as did most of the executioner spawns. We ran into trouble with the last executioners, as all three archon spawns were in the south side – east, west and center, which meant two of the executioners popped up in center and on the north side, while the rest were east and west. It seemed like most of the party focused on the reinforcements after the first two executioners were taken care of, we ended up two on one side one one person on other and we failed to rescue both. As the timer went away I told the party to focus on the reinforcements since the archons were already lost. We went to the end fight with two angry archons. I again told the party to kill the snake and then the boss, but as the boss activated before the snake was dead I switched to the boss. The party did kill the snake though, before taking up the fight with the boss. Since we were slow to start the fight on the boss, we hit bombardment. In the first hit only Gen and maybe two others survived. I would have been happy just piking the rest of the fight, but I got a raise and helped get people up. In the second bombardment I managed to stay out of it and not die. The boss went down and we completed without wiping. The raid dropped 125 runes, 14 threads of fate, Many-Hooked GreavesFellbladeUltimatum and Memoriam.


I hadn’t really planned to run LTS, but Niv was asking for it and I figured why’d not, hoping that a spot would open up in our group that had been running with us this whole time. As soon as someone left I sent Niv an invite. I stepped in on R2 and waited for people to join me. Some joined and ran off to kill things, I decided to just wait for everyone to enter, or at least most of the group. As I decided to start running I realised I hadn’t remembered to make sure we have a str character in the group. Looking at the party my guess was be that either Titus or Tahlua have it. Lucky for us, Tahlua did. I caught up to the party as they were killing fire and ice and grabbed the rune and looted. I stayed near the party when taking the short cut, avoiding aggro as not to die and drop the rune. Stopped to shrine, then waited after we killed the beholder to make sure people had fom. I asked the party to bring Sor’jek to the north east while I do the puzzle. Someone else started on it, but I took over and used the rune. Sor’jek was running around a bit and we failed to keep his aggro in one spot, which meant more deaths than needed. I also got kicked off, but used /stuck to get back quickly. We finished in 26 minutes with 19 deaths (it could have been a lot more). The only named item I saw was Devil’s Defense. I also failed to check how many runes and threads we got.

After TS it was 2 in the morning for me and I was done for the night.
Until the next raids.


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