Raids week 100

Finally it’s time for the big 100. These raids happened Saturday 24-25 (Swedish time), but I haven’t had time to do the blog until now.  First, let me say a few words about the counter. I started doing Saturday raids in 2012, not really counting them back then or doing a regular blog. Last year I did a Looking back at the history of the Saturday night raids – blog, listing all the blogs I had done up until then, and at the same time I decided to always use the category EEraids when writing a Sat raid blog, the name of the raids channel. I named the Sat raids EEraids first in January 2015, and I created the channel EEraids around the same time. The first raid since the creation of the channel was EE Fire on Thunderpeak on January 24, 2015. From here I started counting the raids and giving the blogs a number. In 2016 Turbine (who owned DDO before Standing Stone Games) moved their data center, and this caused a lot of problems in game. For months the raids were laggy to the point that the chance of failure was bigger than the chance of success, so I decided to take a break from raiding. When things started to clear up and I once again decided to start raiding, I reset the counter and started counting from 1. Just before this, legendary difficulty was released so I called the raids LE/EE raids for a while. Since the LE raids were quite difficult and we often decided to run an easier difficulty than elite, I on week 24 decided to drop the LE/EE in the blog name and just called them Raids. This is the 100th Saturday raids blog since October 2016. Now on to raids 100.

On Saturday (Nov 24) I was on early, but decided to wait until 9 before posting. I wanted to make sure Devil and Tahlua got a spot before opening up the lfm. Only Tahlua logged and I put the lfm up a few minutes after 9. A short while later I get a tell asking me to save 6 spots since the person is bringing a full party. I decided to take the lfm down while I decided what to do, and in that time the person had put their own lfm up. I replied that I’d like to choose who gets to join (I rarely decline people, but I do check class, level and guild when people hit the lfm), and therefor don’t want to save 6 spots. Since the other group now had an lfm up for the same raid I had intended to do, and I didn’t want to do a competing lfm, I asked my group if it was ok if we switched and did Strahd first. Since I got no complaints, I put the lfm up for Strahd for the available spots. My end game lfm is usually for level 28-30, but this time I decided to accept a couple of 27s. I recognized several of the names that joined as good players, so I figured being under level wouldn’t hurt the group. The problem later turned out to be that with me as the only divine in the party and some party members struggling to heal themselves, once we got to the stairs things turned messy. But at first the shadow fight. I wanted to see if I could speed things up by doing the “Find Strahd” objective while the rest of the party fought Rahadin and the shadows, but as I got to where Strahd is there was a barrier up. Running there also spawned shadows and while trying to get the party to kill them for me I pulled aggro of one of the red shadows and went splat.

I got a raise when the timer was up, went and found Strahd while the party killed off the rest of the shadows. While we were waiting for the dialogue to finish I started casting fom on the ones who needed it. Someone talked to Van Richten to open the d-door and the party stepped in – except me because I was gripped. I was also one of the two carrying a trinket, so I told the party someone had to come get me (I died from grip). Two party members came to get me, I got a raise and we followed the others. I believe I got gripped once more on the stairs and a third time I got killed by a shadow. The stairs were quite difficult even with two trappers and we had several deaths. The heart fight progressed nicely this time with Tahlua tanking Strahd. I thought I managed to keep them alive, but in the last wave of mobs Tahlua went down. We stepped through the d-door and waited for most to get up before d-dooring to shrine and spread out. I forgot now who stayed behind to talk to the NPC, since Devil wasn’t there. As for doors, we spread out, found all the doors and wrote the location of each card – but we failed to get them lit before trash spawned. One by one we all got killed by trash and we attempted to come up with a plan to light the torches. According to Erofen’s instructions, this is how the cards should be lit (I liked it so I wrote it down): 2.3 -> 10.1 -> 3.1 -> 7.1 -> 1.3. I’m now thinking I need to start logging this to see if there is some kind of regularity to it. After a bit of thinking to come up with a plan, a few of us used a Jibber’s to get up and light the cards, then waited to die and for the death timer to be up. As for the end fight, Tahlua was on Strahd, Vilapy was kiting brides. The end fight was probably the easiest part of the raid, the brides got prepped, people stayed out of Strahd’s blue circles and Strahd only teleported once (when he teleports he also causes the red fog to appear). The raid completed in 46 minutes with 35 deaths. Mantle of Escher and Echo of the Sunsword dropped.

Then it was time for Baba’s. A couple of people dropped and some switched. Devil had just logged before this so I invited him before putting the lfm up. 10 min later we were ready to start. I didn’t want to split the party, but I suggested Vadymyk go left and I go right. I asked Tahlua and Devil to go on different sides, but later it turned out that we were split unevenly, so they ended up on the same side anyway. The first run through was quite easy, I was imploding skellies and helping Ero with the puzzles. I believe I asked one of the melees to grab the reds on my side, but Kelerah ended up doing it and did so well. When we got back out I got aggro of the hut and I believe I spent almost the whole fight unable to move – due to the hut. Second time through the hut I believe we split the same and as always we had some deaths from wisps. I also had a grim totem save from frog – which rarely happens on hard. This raid was rather uneventful in comparison to strahd. We waited a bit for the other side to finish their puzzles while trying to complete ours as quickly as possible. Once we got out we did like we always do – kill wisps, who ever gets aggro of the reds kites them until we’re done. We again had some deaths from wisps, but I didn’t die this time. We killed the wisps, then the reds before attacking baba. Since we didn’t have a shambler tank this time, the plan was to kill the shamblers, which went surprisingly well. We didn’t get the debuff and no one died during this part. Once the shamblers were down, killing baba off was rather easy. The raid completed in 32 minutes and Suffering, the Half of Whole and Tremor, the Breaker of Bones dropped.

After the Raveloft raids it was time for Killing Time. You really need a tank for this raid, and I figured Tahlua could tank for us in case we didn’t get anyone else. As we were filling Pestilence joined to tank or us. Due to his confidence I decided to leave him to tank alone while the rest of us did the rifts. This worked fine in the first first rift (which is the fastest), but once we got to the second things started to go a bit sideways. At first the tank dies, so the dragon’s ritual is unpaused. I realise our tank thinks it’s a failure, so I write in chat “don’t give up yet”.  Our shadow kiter goes down as well and things are starting to look a bit grim, but with self raises we manage to get everyone in the rift up again and finish the fight. Since the ritual is unpaused I decided to skip shrining and just hop through to raise our tank. Two others follow, but I make it there first and throw a raise.  The rest of the group follows and we do the last dragon fight of the raid. Due to the deaths in rift two I decide to stay with the tank while the rest of the party does the last rift. I had confidence in the group that they’d be able to do the rift without me. Healing the tank was for the most part easy and tank didn’t need much healing, but suddenly he gets a lightning spray in the face and drops – before I get a heal off. On a reflex I throw him a raise and get back to healing – the ritual didn’t even have a chance to unpause. The thing is, Thaz can’t tank the dragon, so I knew I needed to keep the dragon’s aggro off me. The party finishes the last rift and once the monologue is done the dragon disappears and a portal opens up on the platform in front of us. We take it and wait with the rest of the party for the talk to finish and the raid complete.  The raid completed in 34 minutes with 25 deaths. Brilliant CrescentRing of the Silver Tongue and Bracers of the Mountain dropped.

Next I wanted to do RSO. Since I can kill things on normal, I was leaning towards a normal run, and since we weren’t really getting too many joiners and Osi decided to join with a couple of alts, I figured I could do the same, fill the raid with piker alts. As we filled Storms showed an interest in joining, so I told him I could kick a piker so he could join. I kicked, he logged back in and joined – while we waited inside. Most of the party members knew the raid well by now, I helped with killing lesser skellies and did a puzzle or two. We started side area puzzles south east and worked our way around north to south west. As I left puzzling people behind, I noticed there were already people ahead of me working on the next puzzles. I ran north and then north west. We had some issues with the last two puzzles, but once they were done we headed to the shrine and then to fight the dragon. The dragon fight was quite easy, but due to the dragon’s hp, even on normal this fight takes a while. We completed in 37 minutes and I believe we got skunked on loot.

I hadn’t planned to run more raids, but I didn’t feel like calling it quite yet. I asked the group what they wanted to run and Devil suggested Defiler. Defiler is a raid I haven’t farmed into the ground, so I was down for a run. I posted for hard and again we didn’t get too many joiners. I logged two piker alts but then kicked one to leave some free spots. Osi joined with two pikers and we filled the raid. We started and things were going quite well until we were hit with crippling lag and soon after the raid failed. Check out my lag video below.

I was down for trying again, but some of the party members had had enough and left. I put the lfm back up and we got a couple of joiners. Osi was confident that we could handle the raid with 7 players and 3 pikers. This turned out to be true, the raid progressed without issues, we killed all the executioners (except one) and the reinforcements and headed to the end fight where we killed the snake and the boss. The raid completed in 27 minutes and only one named item dropped this time: Memoriam.

After this I was done for the night.

That’s all for raids week 100.
Thank you for stopping by and if you’re on Orien and interested in raids, feel free to join the channel with /joinchannel EEraids endgame


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