Raids week 91


Last week Saturday we started with Baba’s as we usually do. I don’t remember now if Osi posted or if I did, but I logged on Cerge only to change to Thaz when we decided to do EE. Ekefen joined to tank for us, I attempted to split the party somewhat. I tried to assign a tank and make sure we had a puzzler on each side. I went right as I usually do and noticed that my side only had me as an insta killed for totems while the left side had at least two (Osi and Upload). Still, we were about as fast taking out totems and when it came to puzzles my side had about 3 puzzlers. Running through the hut and then getting to the end fight taking out wisps and things were going really well until the shamblers spawned. For some unknown reason one of the shamblers refused to aggro on our assigned tank and charged straight at the party. At one point he ran after me too, I wasn’t aware that I had hit him as he was on the other side of baba and I was attacking baba. This lead to me dying, but the rest of the party managed to continue dps’ing baba, even with one shambler loose… and soon after we completed. The raid finished in 41 minutes with 6 deaths. Only two items dropped from what I could see; Molten Silver Gauntlets and a +8 upgrade tome of dex.


I switched to Cerge before posting for Strahd, I think Osi was in and reading the cards even before we had filled. Cerge’s build this life has focused on being good at the traps in Strahd, I do enjoy running him in it. About 10 min after completing Baba’s, we were in and ready to start. 5 min after that we had completed the first part and were heading towards the stairs. This week I don’t believe I got gripped a single time, and I managed not to run through the spikes and kill myself or fall down. I was also trying to do the traps as quickly as possible. The heart fight had a few deaths and we picked up stones and d-doored back so they could raise at the shrine. Lujaan stayed behind to talk to the NPC while we spread out by the doors. We failed to light the torches on the first try – but soon after we completed them with only a few deaths. In the end fight Jedli was tanking brides while Tahlua was on strahd. Tahlua got gripped and wasn’t rescued fast enough so someone else picked up the sunsword (Tochtt maybe). We managed to get strahd and brides down on the first try and the raid completed in 33 minutes and I think we got skunked on loot (I usually screenshot our loot and this time there were none).

Lujaan wanted to do Defiler next so I posted for it. I had to switch back to Thaz, though, since I haven’t yet flagged Cerge for it. When asked about diff I replied “Lujaan chooses or Osi will”, figuring Osi would just step in if no one else does it first. EE was picked. This week during the run I was trying to log number of archons vs reinforcements and I realised that at some point they have changed the number of reinforcements that spawn. It used to be 5 or 10 at the same time, now it was 4 and 8. Though if memory serves me, last time we failed the raid, we failed at 12 rather than 15 that it says in the quest objectives. Of course, it is possible that we had an additional spawn pop up while we were at 12 which would have pushed us past 15, but I’m not sure. This is what I wrote down, I may have forgotten a spawn;

  1. 0 archons, 4 reinforcements.
  2. 2 archons, 4 reinforcements.
  3. 2 archons, 4 reinforcements.
  4. 2 archons, 4 reinforcements.
  5. 2 archons, 4 reinforcements.
  6. 2 archons, 4 reinforcements.
  7. 2 archons, 4 reinforcements.
  8. 2 archons, 8 reinforcements.
  9. 2 archons, 8 reinforcements.
  10. 2 archons, 8 reinforcements.
  11. 0 archons, 4 reinforcements.

If I remember, I will do another count next time to compare. I believe the larger number of reinforcements vary, but I could be wrong.
The raid progressed without any major issues, except for the fact that we lost one of the archons. We killed the snake and the boss and the raid completed in 22 minutes. We had a lot of loot drops this week as well; 3 x CountenanceGauntlets of the Arcane SoldierFellbladeStrange Tidings and a +7 dex tome.


Next I wanted to do LTS and told Osi to invite Rivella while I was switching back to Cerge. I could have stayed on Thaz, but for the end fight in LTS, ranged is better.  We waited for most to step in, then ran to the front door. Someone died on the way and got picked up. Usually I’m not too worried about running back to pick someone up (for most of the run the only thing that will hit you are fire ellies), but if someone else is already doing it, I don’t need to. This wasn’t our fastest run so far, but came somewhat close, we finished fire & ice without much issues, rusties, beholder and took out Sorjek somewhat fast. The raid completed in 18 minutes and a few named items dropped, although nothing in my name.


I wanted to do RSO and Osi wanted us to do a hard run. A lot of people from the previous raids stayed on and soon we had a full party. How often does that happen for RSO? We had a good amount of puzzlers and more than one tank. I worked on killing the non oranged skellies and did one puzzle. Most of the time I just continued forward opening the next puzzle, letting someone else complete it. In the end fight I actually died twice this week, the first time because one of the air ellies knocked me into a white circle which killed me before I could get up and a bit later I had 10 stacks of storm magic without realising it, which meant that one hit by lightning was enough to kill me. We completed the raid in 35 minutes and only 1 named item dropped: Acidic Insignia. I recorded most of the run (forgot to turn the recording on as we stepped in, only turned it on as the first two puzzles were being completed). Check out the video below.

I asked the party what they wanted to run and got a few different suggestions. I did get two votes for shroud, and since I really wasn’t up for anything that requires an effort I posted for shroud. Or first I gave Osi the star so I could switch back to Cerge. As always, Shroud makes me sleepy and I was dozing off several times during the run. In part two we didn’t have enough people on the crystal so we had to redo it – wait for the reds to respawn, pull them SW, prep them again, then kill them while we made sure we had dps on the crystal. I also placed myself there to make sure. The rest of the raid progressed somewhat quickly and we finished in about 40 minutes. I completely spaced on taking screenshots of the experience report, as one player was DC’d, and I failed to tell the party to not open the chests (2 our of 3 got opened).

That’s all for raids 91.
Thank you for stopping by.


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