Raids week 88


Here is the post for raids 88, which was Saturday last week. I was a bit late again, but figured it’d be fine. When I logged on Osi and a few others were waiting for raids and I got an invite. As I was about to put my lfm up I saw an lfm for baba’s, so waited for them to fill before putting my own up. The other group had posted for R1, I posted for R1/EE/EH depending on group. Once we started to fill we decided on hard, since we were a bit low on dps and I didn’t want to wait for a tank. I decided to switch to Cerge, since the party had 4 divines besides me, and I figured Cerge would do more dps to baba. As for splitting up in teams, I suggested Upload, Rivella and Nab go left, I wanted Osi and Madzombie with me right, the rest for to pick sides. The raid was quite smooth, puzzles got completed without too much waiting. We killed wisps, scarecrows and shamblers in the end fight. I think we had a few deaths, but not too many. The raid completed in 38 minutes and Memory of a Tailor’s DuressVestments of Ravenloft and Echo of the Icon dropped and I got a +7 int tome.


Some left after baba’s and I posted for the free spots (for strahd). This would be my first time trapping this raid and I was mildly nervous but quite exited to try it. I have attempted to max Cerge’s search and disable, and he should be at a no fail on most traps, but his spot is a bit weak. As we ge to the stairs I notice traps and trap boxes popping up due to the epic feat Watchful Eye. Watchful Eye does both a spot check and a search check and I was pleased to notice Cerge’s spot being high enough to find the traps in strahd on hard. I focused mainly on disabling traps while the rest of the party dealt with spawning mobs. In the heart fight our strahd tank died again and several others too, I believe Osi kept me alive, since I didn’t. We raised the ones off timer before d-dooring back to shrine. During doors we found all the cards, but first attempt at lighting the torches failed and we had to start over. On the second try we got all lit. For the end fight Madzombie was strahd tank, Tahlua again on brides and I asked Osi to heal Zombie and Rivella Tahlua. A couple of the brides died this time as they got too close to strahd and the melees, but we got the timing right and the sunsword was used on strahd at the right time. The raid completed in 31 minutes and Mantle of Escher and Fleetfoot Necklace dropped.



Next I wanted to do TS. We had one free spot which I gave to Niv and as we were about to start someone was switching but after 5 min waiting and no sign of them, I lfmd for the free spot and got two interested. Since I go with “first come first served”, I gave the spot to the first joiner. Occasionally I ignore the first come first served if I see one of our regulars hitting the lfm, or if we’re in need of a specific type of build (melee/ranged/caster). TS was pretty standard, we struggled a little in fire and ice, I got over confident and died to the mephits and had to be rescued, but the rest of the party finished that part without me. Rusties went well, as did beholder fight, and end fight took about as long as it usually does. The raid completed in 23 minutes and a few named items dropped. Nothing in my name, though.


I wanted to do RSO, some of the party members wanted to do something else. Some didn’t have the pack. Since I didn’t see any straight up noes for the run, I posted for RSO normal. I also switched to Thaz for it so I could turn skellies. I’ve started to prefer normal runs to hard due to the fact that I can kill trash on normal. I didn’t split the group, but had us all start SE. I was opening doors and doing puzzles when needed.. mostly running ahead and killing trash. One party member decided to leave mid raid after dying a few times. In the end fight I messed up and died once, but since we had several divines besides me I wasn’t really worried. The raid completed in 31 minutes with 15 deaths. I think we got skunked on loot.


Someone who was in the group before had gone to flag for shroud while we were running RSO. I invited them back and posted for shroud after RSO. I waited until we had a full group before stepping in. I knew some wanted to craft and since Shroud makes me really sleepy, I had already decided that this would be the last run for the night. Each part was somewhat quick and easy and this week we did puzzles. Though someone missed that the last puzzle wasn’t solved and watered it before we got a chance to solve it – losing us two chests. I don’t really care about the chests, but it feels a bit annoying to lose out on them after spending time solving puzzles. The raid completed in 36 min and I managed not to die even though I had my eyes closed a few times.

That’s all for raids 88.
Until next time.

P.S. I usually do 3 screenshots per raid plus quest report, this time I attempted to keep it two per raid.


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