Riding the Storm Out

I was running one of the new quests released in Update 39 (Plume Mountain) and happened to get Celestial Beacon. Noticing the Hallowed effect on this item, and Thaz recently redoing her gear, I started wondering if I could turn the skellies in RSO. I had also read about the enhancement “Mighty Turning” in Radiant Servant.

My first try I went in solo, using the stick. I couldn’t kill the skellies. I recalled and adjusted my points in Radiant Servant to get Mighty Turning and tried again. This time the skellies died. I went back in on hard and couldn’t kill the skellies, so I swapped two gear items, belt and neck to get Legendary Dawn’s Herald-Charm (swapped to con belt not to lose con) and tried again. This time the non orange skellies died on hard. On normal I was able to kill oranged named too, but on hard they were immune. Hamster joined me for some testing ad we tested elite and reaper 1 as well, and I was able to successfully turn and kill the non orange and red skellies on EE and R1.

The next day I decided to see if I could get to the dragon by myself. My intent was not to fight the dragon, but I wanted to test doing puzzles. My first attempt I got killed by the king, who hurts even on normal.

I decided to try again and this time kill all the trash first, before attempting to kill the king. The king was quite a nuisance, but eventually I got him down so I could do the puzzles. I completed the puzzles, used the jets to get to the dragon, and quickly realised the dragon was too difficult for me alone.

Since Osi couldn’t join us last Saturday, and I wanted to test short manning normal, I suggested we try doing a run the next Tuesday. Sadly non of the other guildies logged for it, so I lfm’d and we were joined by a few members from Matrix. the run went so well that I feel we should try hard the next time.

That’s all for this post.
Thank you for stopping by and enjoy the videos.

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