Raids week 79

On Saturday I logged a few minutes after 9 pm and posted for Baba’s R1. The group slowly started filling, but we didn’t get a tank. Stitchz suggested Krencuf, but he wasn’t online, and Storms said he could join us after the Shroud run they were doing. When we only had one spot left I reserved it for a tank. Someone did hit the lfm to tank, but since they hadn’t done it before I asked if it was ok if we didn’t take him and instead waited for an experienced tank. I had planned to wait for Storms, but since Krencuf hit the lfm first, I figured we’d be good with him.


Up until the room with the shield we were doing good, but there suddenly half the party died. I believe there was a wisp in the room that I hadn’t thought of. We get out, raise people, kite and kill wisps and crows until everyone was up again, then attacked baba. The second time in the hut we were hit with almost freeze lag (could move a little), and nearly wiped in two of the rooms. My side had to use jibber’s to get back up since we had no one left alive. We get through, out to end fight, kill wisps, kill scarecrows and then attack baba. Krencuf is ready to grab shamblers when they spawn. When they do, I guess baba is a bit too close to them, because when baba is down to about 1.2 mil, one of the shamblers decide to charge at one of the melees and slowly stomps away at the whole party. We wait for death timers to go away, make a plan for only 2-3 ppl to raise at a time, grab shamblers, raise and attack baba. We do this bout 4 times before we’re out of Jibber’s… baba is down to about 379 k.

Release, a couple of people had to go and I lfm’d for the free spots. I lfm’d for LH, but we decided to do elite instead. With doobrey joining on my side as another person to do totems, I felt the hut part went a lot faster and easier. I recorded the run, check out the video below. We completed in 41 minutes with some deaths, but no major lag. Tanking the shamblers worked better this time. Echo of the IconSuffering, the Half of Whole and The Invisible Cloak of Strahd dropped.

It was getting late, and I believe several of the party members who had been in the first baba’s run were getting tired, including me. But I wanted to do a Strahd run, so waited for ppl to switch, and then posted for the free spots. I also recorded this run, and forgot to screenshot most of it. I missed a few gripped, died when trying to open doors, and had no clue which torch it was time to light… as well as didn’t notice that Krencuf got gripped while tanking Strahd. Other than that it was a pretty smooth run. We completed in 30 minutes and got skunked on loot.

I wanted to do one more raid, so posted for LTS. Interest was a bit low, so the raid didn’t fill that was, but eventually we had a full group. Fire & ice went smoothly, as did most of the fighting up until the end fight. The end fight was as always the longest, and I got myself killed several times. We completed the raid in 26 minutes and a few armors dropped.

After TS it was almost 2 in the morning and I was done for the night.
Until the next raids.


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