Raids week 78

Last Saturday I logged on just after 9 pm my time and posted for Baba’s R1. I got a few joiners right away and a tell asking me to save a spot, but then we waited. While waiting we were discussing tactics.. and when Storms sent me a tell that he could come tank for us, I was getting really confused. I had had a plan for the run, but seeing as I didn’t have an R1 completion, I wasn’t sure as which would be the best tactics. I figured we’d have the tank keep Baba away while we kill shamblers, but while waiting for the party to fill, we decided that Storms would tank the shamblers and the rest of us would just try to beat Baba down with the hp debuff.

At a few minutes to 10 pm we had a full group and were ready to start. We had a plan for the end fight, and we had chosen who goes where in the side puzzles. One person went the wrong way, but it was noticed early enough and they could still switch sides. Usually during the fight outside, the hut aggro’s on me, and so was the case this time as well, which meant I spent a lot of time not being able to get back up for more than a second – long enough to quickly throw myself a heal – though I think Bruder was healing me too. In the hut we experienced some lag, but not as bad as last time. The puzzles got done somewhat quickly and for most of it we managed to co-ordinate so the scarecrows weren’t being killed one by one. I prefer to stay near the puzzle so I can implode or mass frog the scarecrows  and kill them all in one go. For the end fight we followed the plan – kill wisps, kill red scarecrows one at a time, attack Baba – when shamblers spawn leave them to Storms and don’t touch them. Kill Baba. We completed the raid in 50 minutes and a total of 7 named items dropped (Patience Through Peril, Gulthias StaffTorn, That Which Renders DespairEcho of the IconSavior, the Breaker of ChainsSpite, the Fractured ShardsFate, the Knower of All,) plus a +8 dex upgrade tome.

Then I wanted to do LH Strahd. Everyone in party stayed, two switched character. I followed the same tactics as last week, and except for a few lag spikes, things progressed nicely. We had a couple of people fall off the stars from one of the jet traps, but other than that the raid was quite smooth. During the end fight I believe we were off on one of the brides that died too soon and we missed our timing. On the second try we completed. The raid completed in 23 minutes and we got two named items (Fleetfoot Necklace, Platemail of Strahd), two tomes (+7 str, +7 cha unbound) and a sentient gem (Sentient Jewel of the Covetous).

Lujaan wanted to do Defiler, I wanted to do TS, but figured I could do Defiler first. Most of the party stayed, I invited Devil and lfm’d for the free spots. I figured we could try EE again, since it went well last time. There were a few lag spikes, but over all the run went as well if not better than last time. We killed all the exucutioners, got bored waiting for the archons to spawn, killed the snake and the boss before bombardment. The raid completed in 21 minutes with only a few deaths. Countenance  x2 and Belt of Braided Beards dropped.

Lujaan logged off and I posted for TS. We had str and with Gen switching to Nep we had int. Lots of dps and insta killing wizard meant that we got to the end fight in no time, short cutting after fire & ice. The end fight took the longest as always and we had some deaths there. The raid completed in 15 minutes, which is about half a minute slower than our fastest run so far. A few armors dropped.

I asked the party what they wanted to run and there was a few votes for Baba’s. I said I technically could switch to do it, but since Bruder wanted to do FoT, I decided to post for that one first, R1. I decided to assign roles to make the run a bit more organised than last time I ran it – Jedli on dragon, Devil on SR and Doobrey on undead dragons. I said to kill the pairs in lies – confusion  – silent order. We wait to fill, then head in. Things go quite well until during the SR and TO fight when both Jedli and Devil go down with a long death timer. Since I was staying near RS I grabbed him and stared kiting him around while throwing some dots, TO was already prepped. We wait til our tanks are back up, then I guess my dots took SR out, since he suddenly dropped, but TO team was ready to kill TO and he went down. I forgot to screenshot the quest report, but I’m assuming we completed in maybe 10 minutes. Several stacks of 2 commendations dropped and I rolled off the ones passed to me.

Then I switched to Maidae to do another run of Baba’s. Some of the party members from FoT stayed, and I lfm’d for the free spots, LH this time. In about 20 minutes we were in and ready to start. I didn’t select teams, but let people do that themselves, I only suggested Doobrey go left (since he’s more used to doing that side), and that Kanuk go right with me since he said it was his first time. This time I didn’t get aggro of the hut, or when I did I managed to run away from it until it aggro’d on someone else. Killing mobs in the hut took a bit longer for me on Maidae than on Thaz, since I couldn’t insta kill them, but I thought Maidae did well, and I did get a good number of kills anyway. I died once outside the hut when I wasn’t paying attention to my hp. On LH we killed the shamblers when they spawned, and the raid completed in 48 minutes. Two named items dropped; Echo of the Icon and Savior, the Breaker of Chains.

The party wanted to do Strahd, I hadn’t planned on it, but figured I could – though I wanted to do a quick and easy normal run. As I posted, Naarwen sent me a tell asking if we should merge groups, I hadn’t even noticed that they had an lfm up for the same raid. A moment later their group joined mine and we had a full party. I stuck to normal, we shrined before doing stairs and kept a good pace. Doors were completed somewhat fast, and I believe Murcurial was carrying sunsword and tanked Strahd in the end. We completed the end fight in the first try (I think) and the raid completed in 25 minutes. Null, the Darkness Without, a + 7 cha tome and the sentient gem dropped again.

At the completion of Strahd it was 3 in the morning for me, and even though I didn’t feel that tired, I decided to quit for the night and get some sleep.
Until the next raids.

P.S. Someone said it was a loot bonus weekend. I’m assuming that’s why we had so many named items drop.


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