Raids week 77

On Saturday I and Darth got home, after a week in Croatia, in good time for their raids. As I turned on my computer, though, I quickly noticed it wasn’t working right, it kept freezing up and giving me the blue screen of death. After trying to run a restore to a previous date several times, I gave up and did a windows recovery installation and then reinstalled DDO from the website – which took over an hour. I sent a message to Osi and Hamster saying I was planning to do raids but I was running late – but as it was getting later Pomfer told me Soko was discussing posting for Baba’s. I finally managed to log on att 11 pm my time, when they had just finished their Baba run. They had planned to do Strahd next and I was asked if I wanted to join.


As I joined the group I was given the star and noticed we were a full group. I had asked if I could record the run and so I did. Soko had run Strahd last week with different door tactics than I’ve been doing and I was interested in trying them out – I wanted Zzed to navigate that part. We stepped in and waited for everyone to enter, I grabbed the Holy symbol, Lujaan the sunsword, I didn’t notice who got the other trinket. We lagged a bit in the first fight while fighting shadows, and on the stairs our trapper fell down, but over all things progressed without too many issues. I even managed to save a few from grip with my trinket. We get to the doors part and Zzed tells us to spread out so we can open at 2-4 doors (Genlisea stayed behind to talk to the NPC when we were ready) and that we need to open all our chosen doors and then light the torch if it’s the right one to light. When everyone was ready, Gen talked, we waited for the doors to turn green and opened our doors. I found B which was the second one, but I didn’t notice that someone had lit the first one, so waited a bit too long. On the second try we managed to light all. If you do this part fast enough you can manage to get all the torches before the trash spawns. We get to the end fight and I’m mainly focused on keeping our tank alive, but also somewhat trying to keep everyone else alive. I fail to rescue the brides tank twice, and then our Strahd tank goes down. Luckily we had a backup tank  – and someone grabbed the brides, and we managed to finish the raid on our first try. The raid completed in 34 minutes and Pain, the Half of Whole dropped.

View the video of the run:


Due to spending so much time on trying to get my computer up and running, as well as just getting back from a trip and the raid party really not being mine to begin with, I didn’t really have a plan for what raids to run. Lujaan wanted Defiler, so I decided to post for it. Since the hard runs have been really boring and it’s been a while since I’ve tried elite, I suggested we give elite a try and do hard if it fails. I posted for the few free spots. I believe everyone managed to get in and get buffed before someone shot at the devils at the start (that teleport to the party if you aggro them), and we managed to not kill most of the party there. At the gate we lagged a bit and I failed to heal enough to keep myself alive, but most of the party lived through it. I didn’t really navigate the party much, just suggested with split up 4 and 4 on the portals and 4 in center, as mobs do spawn in center. I wasn’t really paying that much attention to where everyone was, I just tried to pay attention to where the archons spawned and that we got all the executioners. For some reason we had an almost lag free run this time, and managed to rescue all but one archon. Getting to the end fight we decided to kill the snake and we managed to do so before the boss activated – or just as she did. We got the boss down before bombardment and the raid finished in 22 minutes. A +7 int upgrade time dropped as well as Strange TidingsFellblade and Ultimatum.


Next the party wanted to do Deathwyrm and I posted for EE. Some of the party members switched, some weren’t flagged so I asked them to drop party to flag. I was browsing the web while waiting for the others to flag – took the lfm down as not to give their spots away. When everyone was back I noticed we had 1 extra spot which I lfm’d for. We started, I zoomed through the first  puzzle, only to get confused as it was time to turn the mirror that the beam is hitting. As someone else turned it I realised I had solved the puzzle right, I just forgot the path of the beam at the start. For the rest of the puzzles I solved most of it myself, getting some help from some of the others, but mostly the party focused on trash. I stopped in the bone guardian room, thinking we’d wait for everyone to catch up, but someone activated the fight and the guardian went down very quickly. For the choices we did jumps and tower – among the easiest rooms to do. In the end fight I showed Streaky how to park the dragon and let him do it while Zzed was to drop the ragers. When 3 ragers were down Zzed fell and I suggested they stay there and let the ragers sit on the edge. We prepped the dragon and then went to shadow side. I missed that Streaky was intended to be on dragon, but since Genlisea had the dragon it was ok for Streaky to do shadow side. We did the phylacteries three at a time, and the people who went in did a good job at prepping. On our second try we found the real one.


We quickly gathered the shards needed and then continued to beat the dragon down. I barely had time to tell people we needed two people on the levers, before the dragon dropped – luckily people had quick reflexes and we managed to zap her on the first try. One late joiner had gotten stuck in the jumps room, so after completion me and Zzed jumped a few floors down to get him. I lagged in a beam and had to be rescued. We quickly got back to the main room and looted. On EE everyone gets a phlog and then Dark Diversion and Battlerager’s Harness dropped and were rolled off.

After Deathwyrm I didn’t feel like doing more raids, and it was after 1 in the morning for me, so I thanked the group and logged off.

That’s all for raids 77. Until next time.


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