Raids week 76

On Saturday (May 26), I had decided to post for baba’s reaper 1 skull, since I won’t be able to post for raids next Saturday and I had planned to do a reaper try soon. My post went up at 9 pm my time, and in about 10 minutes we were ready to start. My lfm post had said “R1 first try”, as I wasn’t sure we’d complete on the first try, and I wasn’t quite sure on the tactics needed. The first part to beat baba down until the hut lands went well, and we had a plan for who goes where in the hut (spent an extra 5 min making said plan). While my lfm was up, before we started Stitchz sent me some tells about the difficulty of a reaper run, said the hardest part was the shadows. We quickly learned that for us the hardest part was lag – and the fact that the other side didn’t have an insta killer for the totems, while my side had both Thaz with mas frog and Kuz with hurl. We almost wiped from lag, and needed to jibber’s to get everyone up and when we got to the puzzles the bees had arrived behind us and we had to race against them to complete the puzzles. Puzzles went well though and we got to the crystal and beat down the shield.

Back out we took out the wisps, beat down baba again, and decided to have two people switch sides for the hut – Kuz would go left to help with totems and Katherynn would come right (I always go right when I post). This time the totem part went a bit better, but we experienced the same level of lag and almost wiped again – a couple of people managed to survive through it and got everyone up. Puzzles went fine and we beat down the shield and got out to do the last fight. I had a plan – I figured we’d do the same thing we do on hard; kill wisps, kill scarecrows, beat baba down until shamblers spawn, kill them and then baba. First we struggled with the wisps and had several deaths with a long death timer. We waited for everyone to get up again before attacking baba – once all the trash was down that is. Shamblers spawned and for a moment things were going well. Then people started dying one by one. Fua had aggro of shamblers and baba and were kiting them around – until he also dropped and we had our first wipe.

This wasn’t the end of it though, since several of us had some kind of self raise. A few people tried and we got people up, but we had wrong tactics on the shamblers and people died again and again. In the end I was the only one left with a jibber’s, and we made a plan for me to raise bruder, then try to get the melees, while Bruder get the ranged chars up. Since I wasn’t sure who was ranged and who wasn’t, I just tried to get as many up as possible, and then decided to just attack the shambler that was low on hp. The shambler goes down as I do and soon after it’s a wipe again and we have one shambler left and no more self raises.  This was after about 100 min in the raid. I plan to do another try next time I post, and I learned that you need to 1. have a baba tank, since otherwise she will kill people and 2. you need to have people ready to hit the shambler who starts charging up, because they will reduce your hp to almost nothing if you don’t.

After the wipe I didn’t want to try again, but suggested we do a hard run instead. Two spots opened up and I invited Deviltoy and Pomfer instead of posting. A few minutes later we were off, and this time things progressed without issues. We had no issues with lag or the totems, in fact since Crone switched to the warlock instead, my side were getting the totems every time (I think, or one or two might have saved). We completed the raid in 33 minutes with very few deaths. Vestments of Ravenloft and Gulthias Staff dropped.

My plan was to post for Strahd, but due to the amount of time and stress in baba’s, I wasn’t too keen on doing hard. I asked the party if they were ok with doing normal. No one in party had any objections, so I decided on normal. Some people switched and a spot or two opened up that I lfm’d for. 15 min later we were in and in progress. The normal run felt very easy this time, after doing hard the three previous weeks. The first part with the shadows completed quickly, the stairs went quite well (we had more than one person doing traps), and I didn’t even die in the heart fight. In the doors part we found the torches quite fast, lit them and headed to the end fight. I believe Cimpletan was our tank for this run, we beat Strahd down, prepped the brides, killed the brides and finished the raid in the first try. The raid completed in 22 minutes and we got skunked on loot.

As always I wanted to do LTS after Strahd, and waited a bit while people were switching chars. Once everyone was done switching, I posted for the available spots. We filled quickly and started. We had a strong group and zoomed through the parts up until the end fight. The end fight was as it always is the most time consuming part of the raid, but this week Sorjek was kept in place for most of it and the rest of us could just work on getting his hp down. The raid completed in 14.5 min, which is faster than our previous fastest run. 3 armors dropped.

Lujaan wanted to do defiler, so I posted for that one next. It’s not a very popular raid, but since most of the party stayed and we only had a couple of free spots, the group filled quickly and we could start. I asked the group if they wanted to try elite – warning them that it tends to lag a lot, but the group was fine with hard, so I stuck with hard. Our previous fastest run was 20 minutes and I was curious to see if we could do it faster this time. You can’t really speed up the archon part as they’re timed, but you can kill the boss slightly faster. We finished in 18.5 minutes. Belt of Braided Beards and the guild ship amenity Danger Room dropped.

The party was discussing what to do next and there were a few suggestions. In the end it seemed like several people wanted to do mod, so I posted for it. Someone suggested we’d do a short man normal, but I wasn’t going to do anything below hard. As we stepped in waiting for the last person to enter, my computer froze up and I had to do a reboot. Once back in, everyone else was in so we started. Since we had enough people and people ready to do side rooms, I didn’t really pay much attention to who did what. I was staying in center killing trash (I had switched to crusader ED for petrification immunity), waiting for the side rooms to be completed. The rest of the raid completed without any issues and we finished in 12 minutes. Shroud of Ardent dropped times two.


I hadn’t planned on doing more, but some of my party members wanted to do more raids so we decided on shroud. I wanted to switch to Jarvanna for it since it’s quite nice xp and she still needs xp for her EDs. The group took a while to fill and it was 2 in the morning for me when we were ready to start. As always shroud is a snooze fest for me, and I quickly start closing my eyes while fighting mobs. I can’t help it. The run was quite standard – beat down portals, prep reds in part 2, do puzzles and water them in part 3, beat down Harry in part 4 and do waves of mobs and beat down the two bosses in part 5. The raid completed in 42 minutes.

After shroud it was bed time for me.
That’s all for raids 76.
Thank you for stopping by.
Until the next raids.

P.S. I won’t be available for raids June 2, and still unsure about June 9. If I’m not too tired I might post then, but if not the next raids will be June 16.



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