Raids week 73

Last week on Saturday I logged just after 9 pm my time and posted for Baba’s hard.  By 9.20 we were already in progress. For the first time in ages Osi joined me for the raids, which was nice. His character is strong and also a good healer. As always I didn’t split the group up for puzzles, but let the party do that themselves. I only asked Osi to go left as I always go right – and it’s better to split the divines up for more even sides. Puzzles went pretty well, and during the end fight we followed the plan to kill everything. We had a few deaths, but over all it was a smooth run and I’m thinking we’re soon ready to try R1. The raid completed in 31 minutes and Gulthias Staff and Torn, That Which Renders Despair dropped.

On to Strahd. I was interested in trying another hard run and asked the party if they were up for it. Some said yes, most said nothing, so I posted for hard. We didn’t have a trapper at first, Vastina who was in the baba’s run had left the group, but then came back so I just opened up the rest of the spots for anyone. In about 10 minutes we were ready to start, got as far as the first fight when we’re hit, not by lag but rather a complete freeze. No one could move and soon the monsters stopped attacking as as well. One by one we died and could not release as everything was frozen. Eventually we got back out and Lob had decided to call it quits so I lfm’d for the last spot.


About 15 minutes later we were back in for another try. We had the same instance number i2049, but I don’t really think the instance number matters. I’ve played the game of trying to get a specific instance number and it’s still a throw of the dice if the instance is going to lag or not. Lag hasn’t been that bad for me lately, though, after the server move the lag was so bad that there wasn’t even a point in trying to raid. Anyway, back to Strahd. This time I had a plan that I kept repeating. We clear the trash in the doors room, find strahd, do stairs, then someone stays on the stairs while the rest of us shrine. For doors we’d do the sweep tactic; stay together as a team and kill trash as they spawn, open doors starting north east. I asked the party if we should do NE-SE first or for NE-NW, and we decided on clearing east first before heading west, starting north.  We had some deaths on the stairs, I died in the heart fight, only now realising the there is fog in there which you end up standing in if you move out of the spot where we always group up. The doors part went really well this time, I think we only has 2 deaths during, both to grip. We found the torches quickly, lit them and headed to the end fight. The plan was for Kv to be our tank and use the sunsword, I would focus my healing on him trying to keep him alive and Osi would take care of the rest. I think we only had 1 death during the end fight and managed to get strahd pinned in the first try. The raid completed in 35 minutes and I believe we got skunked on loot.

Next I posted for TS, as I’ve been doing every week. I didn’t wait for the party to fill, but felt we could start when we were 10 and had both str and int. When we get to fire & ice, I run to ice, frog a few mephits then get smacked in the face and die.  The rest of the raid goes really smoothly, with only a few deaths on the way to the end fight and a few more there. I managed to stay alive during the end fight, my second death was when I stepped into the short cut door, and the rest of the party didn’t follow right away. 🙂 The raid completed in 15 minutes.

I asked the party if they wanted to run more raids, it seemed like most did as they stayed in the party, but I didn’t get a lot of suggestions for what raids to do. R1 HoX was suggested, but I didn’t feel like we had the right party for it. Of course I could have lfm’d to possibly get the chars needed, but the idea was put aside with my hesitation. I posted for shroud instead. Shroud has become slow to fill of late, it used to be a safe bet but now we tend to end up waiting. Osi even had time to run Creeping Death on heroic to flag while we waited. After waiting for about half an hour we had a full party, but the last person I let in turned out to not be flagged, so I invited the last person to hit the lfm instead (sent them a tell asking if they were interested). Shroud is shroud, and as always a bit of a snooze fest. We had some deaths during puzzles due to rainbow and some more somewhere else, but over all the run was quick and easy. The run completed in 40 minutes.

I was a bit on the fence about running something else after shroud, as I was feeling rather sleepy, but decided to post for Defiler. Waited a bit and got a full party. We had some that hadn’t runt the raid much but we had enough dps and managed to get all the executioners and reinforcements in time. Defiler is a lot of waiting and so it was this run as well. The end fight was quick and easy and we finished in 21 minutes.

After Defiler it was past 1 in the morning and I was done for the night.
That’s all for raids 73.
Until next time.




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