Evilynnn is my alt on another account that I bring along when I play Jarvanna with Schoan and Valdayanie. She’s basically there as a buff and raisebot, usually parked at the start of the quest. She’s also in a different guild than my main chars, a guild I made for my banktoons and chars that don’t get much playtime. I usually use the buffs on the ship of my main guild when I want to give this char guild buffs.

Anyway, today when I logged on Evilynnn I saw something strange in her buffbar. Her buffs displayed as 7:47. Since I know the max time of buffs to be 5h, this got me very confused. After stepping into a quest I noticed that what I was seeing wasn’t hours at all, but minutes and less than 10 minutes later the buffs had expired. Since the buffs are paused in public areas I couldn’t tell how fast the timer was ticking down.

I figure I should have realised they were minutes, but I haven’t really thought about this before.

That’s all for this post. Tc.

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