Raids week 69

On Saturday it was Easter weekend, so I expected the raids to be hard to fill. I was a bit late on and posted for baba’s as the first raid. To my surprise, shortly after posting, people started hitting the lfm, and before 9.30 pm my time we had a full group. As always I told the party to split themselves up for puzzles, and I don’t believe I asked clerics and warlocks to split up, but we did. On my side there was a bit of confusion as to who should do the puzzles, so it took a bit longer because of that, second time through went better. We had some deaths but very little, and shamblers were being dealt with. We finished in 28 minutes and a con +7 tome dropped.

On to strahd. A few people switched characters, some left, but the free spots filled in a few minutes. We had at least one first timer so I explained the objectives a bit. During the first fight I noticed that we were a bit low on dps, so I worried that we would struggle and we did a some. I hadn’t paid attention when the raid filled and I noticed we didn’t have anyone who could cast d-door, so after Sergei’s tomb and shrining we had to run back. Someone got gripped just before the door and a few of us stepped back to get him. The stairs took longer than they should have and we had some deaths and people fell off. In the doors part we also had a lot of deaths and struggled to find the last torch. During the end fight we had to do strahd twice as we failed on timing, but on the second try we completed. The raid took 34 minutes and no named item dropped.

Next I posted for LTS like I have been doing. Several people dropped group, so we ended up waiting to fill. As we were waiting, Rasand adjusted his gear and some enhancements to hit the required 75 str for levers. It took almost half an hour to fill the group this time. Most of the run was quick and easy, fire & ice completed without issues but in the end fight no one really managed to keep Sor’jek’s aggro, so he ran around a lot. Some got knocked off and I died several times as well as got knocked off for a second time just as Sor’jek went down. I ended up all the way north, knew approx where I was and started running towards the short cut entrance. As I reach the bridge, the renders that were chasing me caught up to me and killed me in one hit. I get rescued by Leaden and we run back where everyone is still waiting to loot. Loot drops were rather bad this time, two armors and the handwraps.

Someone wanted to do Defiler, so I decided to switch to Jarvanna to post for that one. Since I recently eTR’d Cerge, my chose of character to run was Thaz, Maidae and Jarvanna, and since neither Thaz nor Maidae needs anything from the raid, I decided on Jarv. Jarvanna is also still working on her EDs, so I decided to come in a not capped ED.  After waiting for about 25 minutes, we decided to run the raid 1 person short. The raid was as it usually is, slow and repetitive. We had enough dps and manged to rescue all the archons. I came close to dying a few times, but didn’t. We finished the raid in 20 minutes and 1 named item dropped, Boots of Blessed Travels.

Hamster and Cad mentioned in channel that they’d be interested in running another baba’s, but in party I got two votes for Shroud, so I posted for that one next. I decided to stay on Jarvanna for the xp. About 20 minutes later we were in and in progress. Shroud on LH is as always a snoozefest for me, and I found myself dozing off a few times. I was again running in an off ED for xp, since shroud gives quite a lot of it. My one death I believe was in part two as I ran into some mobs on my own. We finished in 32 minutes.

Then I decided to post for baba’s. I didn’t want to run Jarvanna in that one, so I switched to Maidae and made sure to turn my bravery off to not lose the streak. Turns out there was another baba’s post up and Hamster decided to join that one. I looked at the party on the lfm and hesitated. I saw some names that have joined me before, but I also saw a name or two I wasn’t sure I wanted to run with. In my hesitation the raid filled and I put my own lfm up. It took a bit longer to fill the group this time, but eventually we had a full party and were ready to start. This time the party was even better than the last time. At least my side had really good puzzlers and the puzzles were getting completed in seconds. During end fight Gen grabbed shamblers and the rest I believe focused on killing baba. We had only two deaths total this run, of which one was me because of getting dotted by baba. My character struggles to heal through dots so I went down. The raid completed in 32 minutes. No named item dropped.

That’s all for raids 69.
Until next time.



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