Maidae doing reaper 2

It’s been a while since I epic reincarnated Maidae, and due to the release of Ravenloft Maidae’s leveling has been going slow. I added a sentient gem to pinion and a few filigrees (still haven’t found all that I wanted to add) and I feel Maidae has been doing quite well since. This week Hamster and Maidae started running Wheloon on R2, at level 26. I screenshotted the quest report from Friends in low places as I was surprised at Maidae keeping up in kill-count with Hamster.


This is Maidae’s first time doing reaper, and she’s been getting a lot of xp, which means we haven’t been able to do all quests/ sagas at reaper level before I capped and had to take level. Since there aren’t that many quests at level 26, this time I’ll be able to finish before taking 27.  Currently we only have the final left before doing Storms Horns and then Maidae gets to run Ravenloft as well. 🙂 Yay.

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