Raids week 58

I’m again a bit late with this post, as raids 58 was last Saturday. Last Satuday was quite produttive in my opinion. We got a lot of raids done, and I had almost a full party the whole time. Just as last week I started with Baba’s raid. I posted at about 9 pm my time (3 pm EST) and at 9.15 I had a full party and was ready to start. I didn’t split the party but asked them to split themselves, and except for struggling with the timing on one of the puzzles (we didn’t kill the scarecrows at the same time, so they respawned one by one), the raid was quite smooth. We finished in 31 minutes.

Then I posted for the Strahd raid and 15 minutes later we were in progress. I realised as it was time to pick up the items at the start, that I failed to make sure we had a person who could use the short sword. After asking several times if someone could grab it, Doobrey decides to do so, just before I was going to do it myself. The first part – killing the shadows – goes well, even though a bit slow, the stairs and the heart fight goes well, but then we get to the part with the doors and lighting the torches. As I had not had to lead this part myself before, I didn’t realise the torches stop burning if you take too long and then have to be re-lit in the right order. You can’t light them in the wrong order, and you can’t light the next one if the torches have stopped burning. We had to do this 3 times, as on the second time the person who was waiting to light the 3rd or 4th torch died.

We struggle through, buff up and try to decide who’s gonna use the sunsword on strahd, in a party of mostly casters. Upload volunteers and off we go. I’m unsure about what happens next, we beat Strahd and his brides down, a bride respawns and we fail to pin Strahd with the sword. Second try we fail again, until the third time when we finally get them all prepped at the same time, take them down and finish the raid. Completion in 43 minutes.

I asked the party what they wanted to run and someone suggested Defiler. I gave Doobrey the star and switched to Cerge, then posted for the raid. 15-20 minutes later we were in progress. For once I actually managed to get a few screenshots of the run, lol. The run was standard and we managed to get all the executioners down. I have noticed that when the timer for the executioner disappears, if you kill the executioners before the “Archons Defeated” number changes, you will have rescued the archon, i.e. you have a bit longer time than the timer shows. The run was pretty standard, and my one death is from the blades at the start. We completed in 23 minutes.






For the next raid I picked LTS. As I started writing the text for the lfm, I realised we already had int and str in the party, so we just needed more people. I posted and within 15 minutes we had a full party. Fire and ice went really well, as did the rust monster room. Sor’jek reset once during the end fight and he killed me as well, I don’t remember with which attack. Other than that it was a quick and easy run. The raid completed in 25 minutes.

I suggested we do either shroud or RSO next, and I got one vote for both. Someone suggested I do a d2, I did and shroud was the winner. I posted for hard. It didn’t take long for us to fill, but as one person realised they couldn’t go just as we were stepping in, I decided not to wait for a full party. The run was pretty quick and easy. Monsters were dying somewhat quickly, everyone knew what to do (I think) and we kept a good pace. The raid completed in 41 minutes.

Since someone wanted to do a bit of crafting, I left the party to put the lfm up for RSO. At least a few from the shroud group joined and then a few more. I don’t remember if we had a full party or not when I decided to step in, but we ended up running 1 person short. It took less than 15 min again for us to start running. Someone who I believe hadn’t tanked this raid before was assigned tanking job. The party did well, except for again running north on the west side, when a few of us were heading south. I died once this run from lightning, as I failed to remove my stacks of lightning storm and didn’t heal myself fast enough. The end fight felt like it took a long time (which it usually does), but the run wasn’t really that much slower than it usually is. We completed in 41 minutes.


I was going to quit after RSO, but Titus wanted to do an MoD or a Deathwyrm. I said I could do an MoD after RSO, and posted. It was already getting late, so I decided not to wait too long for people to join the raid. I suggested we start when we in my opinion had enough people to complete. I asked about doing sides and got 3 volunteers. I decided to join the side that only had one person, and I followed a bit slower as I had the goggles. The run felt quite easy, and we completed in 10 minutes, after which it was bed time for me.

That’s all for raids 58.
Until Saturday.




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