Farming and counting filigrees

With the new expansion pack, Mists of Ravenloft, we also got sentient gems and filigrees that are added to the gems as augments. The filigrees drop in chests in the new quests. At first I didn’t really pay much attention to them, but talking a bit about them and Hamster telling me he put his in a spreadsheet, I realised it was close to impossible in game to get a view of how many you have. The same type stack in your augment bag, but not in crafting bank and there is no way to search for all of them and sort them. So, I gave in and did the spreadsheet thing too.

My first version was ok, but now I’ve upgraded it and sorted it, as well as improved my formulas for a more dynamic sheet. Have a look at my sheet below. This data is based on a lager table where I add the different types of filigrees. My columns in the picture are as follows:

  • Total: Total number of filigrees of that set
  • Common: Total of common filigrees of that set
  • Rare: Total of rare filigrees of that set.
  • UC: Unique Common
  • UR: Unique Rare
  • Unique per set: Either unique common or unique rare
  • Pieces in set
  • Droprate: Total per set divided by total of filigrees
  • Of set: Percentage of completion of set

After doing my first spreadsheet, I got very motivated to get more filigrees, so I have been farming the quests on elite for the best chance of getting one. Even though the goal is the get 100% of each set, my main goal is the get more data, as I’m sort of enjoying playing around with the spreadsheet, lol.

That’s all for now.
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