Raids week 53

I haven’t had time to do this blog until now, so here it is. Raids 53 started with LTS R2, as it usually does. In about 15 min we had a full party and were ready to start. We soon noticed though that the instance was really laggy, so I called a restart. In the first try I died in wilderness outside the front door, in the second run I managed to stay alive the whole run through. Most of it felt quick and easy, we had a few deaths in fire & ice, but even that completed in no time. Sorjek didn’t reset and we finished the raid in 21 minutes.

I posted for RSO right after, and got a few joiners, but then noticed my post was for the wrong raid. No one left, though, so I assumed everyone knew what raid we were going to do (I did tell them as soon as I noticed the lfm was wrong). We had some first timers, but also several experienced players in the group, so the run was pretty efficient and fast. We had some deaths, but pretty standard. The raid finished in 33 min.

Sairek wanted defiler, so I posted for that one next. EH, since I still don’t really want to do EE and potentially lag out. Zombeast was having issues with his chat and after relogging he got it working. I assumed he was in the raid, since I clicked through the blue dots and then saw someone enter after me. Everyone else was by the gate. But as we start the fight at the gate he tells us he’s locked out :/ I was prepared to restart, but he decided to leave party instead. The raid was fast and easy and we finished in 21 minutes.

Next MoD was suggested and I posted for hard. We waited about 15 min before starting, and I wasn’t planning on waiting for a full party unless we happened to get one. I forgot to switch to Crusader ED and because of it got encased. Someone healed me through it and I didn’t have to die, lol. The rest was quite easy and we finished in 12 minutes.

Shroud was suggested and I waited a bit longer before starting that one, about 30 minutes. Someone was taking a too long time to get in the raid, so eventually we started without them but they managed to get into part 1 before the portal went away. We had a good amount of dps and each part progressed without any bigger issues. I managed to not die this run, lol. We finished in 38 minutes.

Someone wanted HoX, I didn’t really wanted to run it as it has a somewhat high chance of failure. We did have a good group, so I gave in and posted for it. It didn’t take long for us to have a full group and in about 10 minutes after finishing shroud, we were ready to start HoX. Jedli was tanking mama, Tetra was our summoner, and then we had a couple of people buffing the puppies. The raid finished in 6 minutes without any major issues.


I was getting quite tired and was getting closer to 1 in the morning for me, but I was willing to do one more raid. FoT was suggested, I made Jedli  TO tank and Aluvatar SR. I figured I could handle the undead dragons. We entered on EE. We had a lot of dps and the hps were going down quickly. Suddenly both RS and TO went down and the raid was over. We finished in 9 minutes.

That is all the raids for last Saturday. We did a total of 7 raids this time, which is more than usual.

Until tonight,


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