Raids week 52

I logged on at about 10 past 9 my time (3 pm EST) and of course, wrote in EEraids channel “LTS post up”. Hamster joined right away, but then we had to wait. Kv joined for int and Deviltoy had str, then we just needed more bodies. It took maybe half an hour before interest for the raid increased, but as the most of the joiners were melee, I turned them down. I believe I turned 3 people down who wanted to join on a pure melee class (barbarian, fighter, paladin) and one person I asked to switch, and they brought their cleric instead. The reason for this is that this raid is easiest run on ranged chars and casters. Too many melees and it’s going to be difficult and take a long time, especially the end fight.

We got a full party maybe 10 to 10 my time and started. Things were going smoothly up until fire & ice, where fire died before ice, and then ice then fire again, and while I was dead I noticed that the chest room was open. I waited for a raise and then ran in to complete the chest room and pick up the rune. I believe only one or two people were alive when this part completed. The ones who wanted to shrine shrined and the rest of us ran ahead. We waited a bit before stepping into the short cut door, then stepped in and one or two people died. We got up, killed off the mobs and our str char opened the gate. I tell the party to look out for the assassin around the corner, then aggro him myself and die.

We get into the rust monster room, I tell the party I’m going to close the doors for the rust monsters that we don’t need to fight, but as the first rust monster runs past me, I get hit for over 2000 and drop dead. I run to the shrine room, raise myself and get locked in. The party finish this part and open the door. Shrine and on to the beholder. I use my pale lavender stone to keep him from removing my buffs and neg leveling me, and I don’t find this fight too difficult. We buff up and head in, I do the puzzle and the rune and we gather in the safe spot. At one moment Sor’jek spams me with something that looks like magic missile, and I drop dead. I didn’t even know he casts that, and I’ve run this raid a lot. Usually he hits you with lightning. We slowly shoot him down and he doesn’t reset this time. We finish the raid in 29 minutes.

Then on to RSO. I post and we wait. Some of the party members from TS stayed, but we still had a lot of empty spots. I was ready to short man, but as we are about to start we get 2 last minute joiners. We wait for everyone to get in and start. As we’re fighting the first few mobs we notice some lag. As we get to the puzzles, Tocht says he can’t see the light over the puzzles and one of the puzzlers mention not seeing the full sequence when doing the puzzles. I call a restart. Again we wait for everyone to get back in, then we start for the second time. Some of the newer players in the raid (new as in hasn’t run the raid much) kept dying, but the majority of the party managed to stay alive. We had two puzzlers and the rest of us focused on killing mobs and opening puzzles. The newer players got to follow and help kill stuff. The ones who knew the layout helped the group move forward, and the side area part finished in good time. We shrined and headed to the end fight. The end fight was good. The dragon kept doing yellow and circles, but not as much as last week and we only had a few deaths. The raid finished in 38 minutes.

Sairek wanted a Defiler, so I posted for that one next. Some switched chars, and we got a few new players (new = not in the previous group). I told the party to split up evenly. I prefer south, but since south already had 6 dots, I moved north. We lost one archon, but other than that the raid really wasn’t that exciting. Executioners died, reinforcements died, we kill the snake and then the boss. The raid finished in 24 minutes and the only named item I believe dropped were the goggles.

I was getting tired, but figured I could do one more raid. I got a couple of votes for legendary shroud so I posted for that one. Shroud is rather boring to me, and since I was getting tired I kept closing my eyes on and off again during the phases. The only exciting part is part 3 with the puzzles, and I didn’t need to do more than one 3×3. I died once in part 5 as the red named archon aggrod on me and smacked me in the face a few times before I managed to cast cocoon. The raid finished in 42 minutes.

That’s all for this week’s raids.
Thank you for stopping by and if you’re on Orien and want to raid, do join my raids channel /joinchannel EEraids endgame





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