Raids week 44

Since we were at a concert the week before, there were no raids, but last Saturday I was back at it. For Tempest’s Spine (LTS R2) I got intelligence quickly, but strength was again shining with it’s absence, so when we were almost full one of the party members switched to a str character so we could get started right away. Up until fire & ice we were good.. but then it turned messy. I guess I have gotten used to a few strong casters in the group who can take out the reaver and flenser quickly, but this time people were dying alot, and we just failed at timing over and over again. I was getting frustrated trying to organise without actually telling everyone where to go. Somehow the fire side then got fire pulled closer to the shrine, and I yelled at them to stop and leave him alone (til we could clear trash to ice). We were still dying, but somehow got trash down enough, so when fire mistakenly went down, we were able to kill ice off in time.

Onward to the end fight, I was struggling  bit to keep the party together, with some people dying again… but soon we were all gathered again. Then we get to the rust monster room. I get aggro of the rustie in the room to the right while trying to close the door and die. I run to the shrine and raise just as someone closes the door. The shrine room doesn’t have a lever on the inside, only on the outside. I sit there watching my party die and as I’m standing there one of the rusties hits me through the gate and I die again. Soon it’s a wipe. Someone has a jibbers and start getting people up, as well as open the gate to the shrine and the raid isn’t a complete fail. We kill off the trash, shrine and head to the beholder and the end fight.

The end fight is as it’s been the last several times, long and dull. Beating him down is slow and there is a constant fear of him resetting, so I try to keep the whole party in one place.. which seemed difficult. The safe spot isn’t safe from his lightning attack, so if someone doesn’t have enough hp they can get insta killed, and that could cause Sorjek to reset. I don’t remember if he reset this time, I think he might have at least once. After a long fight we finally won.

Like usually I wanted to do RSO after TS. I posted for normal, and I got a few first timers. I wasn’t too worried though. Since I didn’t want to wait too long to start, I had decided I wanted to short man when we had enough people. We ended up being 1 short of a full party. The group was good. I had several people working on puzzles, and the party stayed together, and everyone listened to instructions.  I feel it was one of the better first timer runs I’ve done. The dragon fight went rather smooth, and we finished the raid in 45 min with only a few deaths.

After RSO I wanted to post for shroud. I told me party, and only 3 spots feed up, i.e. we had 4 free spots for shroud. Niv had asked me to post for Shroud earlier, but since I didn’t know if he was busy or not when I put the lfm up, I didn’t save him a spot. We filled in like a minute, and I had 2-3 more who would have joined, so I promised to do a second run after the first. The first shroud run was quick and quite smooth. portals went down efficiently, part 2 wasn’t really a challenge, neither was p3 or 4. In p5 we killed the waves off quickly and the raid completed in 46 min.

2 people stayed in my shroud group, I logged off and switched character and was invited back. Second run took a bit longer to fill, maybe 30 or 40 min. Part 1 went fine, but we struggled in p2. Fire died first and walked back to the crystal and then the others died too, and we ended up reprepping them at least twice before we finally managed to get them down at the same time. I believe someone clicked on the alter too soon and we rushed in. There were some deaths in p3, including me. The rest of the raid went quite well and we finished in 51 minutes.

I had had coffee after TS, so now I wasn’t tired,even though it was around 2.30 in the morning for me. I asked the party if there was anything else they wanted to run and MoD was suggested. I switched back to Thaz (since Maidae isn’t flagged) and posted for MoD. I didn’t want to wait too long, so after about 20 min, with a party of 8, we started an eH run. I had expected it to be a difficult run, but for the most part it wasn’t. The last abbot fight turned difficult, though. I failed to take beholders out and got hit with antimagic and then my party started dying. As I kept getting hit over and over by beholders, I couldn’t raise, so I just kept running around, while someone else jibbered and got a few people up. Then suddenly Abbot died and the raid was over. I forgot to screenshot the quest report on that one.

It was around 3 in the morning, so I decided to say goodnight.

That’s all for the raids for week 44.
Thank you for stopping by and happy hunting.

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