Epic Detour Reaper 2

Yesterday I posted for Detour again, or well first time since the last eTR. The post was for max level 24 for max reaper xp and R2. Even though the post was up and I was hoping for joiners, I had somewhat of a plan for in case I have to solo.

I go in, talk to Bensen, activate the first mobs, then realise I forgot to summon my raiser hireling. I run back to the door to summon him. Bensen apparently kills the mobs, then follows me into the room. Retry, I park the hire at the door and rush onwards to the first mobs. Lots of backwards running and switching between improved precise shot and archer’s focus (ips for groups of mobs, the other for when I had just one). I make it to the gate, jump up on it and take the first short cut. Things are progressing nicely, and when I get to the shrine I jump up on it and shoot from a safe-ish spot (some of the mobs did jump up to me).

Bensen helping out for once, holding the wolves

I pull a few mobs back to the shrine, and take them out, but while I’m doing that, Bensen decides to attack the orange named optional that’s always located near a bunch of spell wards. I kill off a few trash mobs, then realise that Bensen is stuck, I can’t continue without killing the orange named. This turned out to be a hard task, as the oranged named is  a champion, hitting me with disintegrate for 400-700 points a hit. I died a couple of times so I could still reach the shrine and once so I needed to summon my hire to raise me.

Eventually after several deaths I got the orange dude down and could continue. I killed all the mobs on the way, until the spiders started spawning and I spotted the other short cut. I decided to make a run for it, actually ran all the way to the lodge. I break the breakables in the lodge before exiting to start clearning trash, to get Bensen to come. The oranged named here follows me into the lodge and I kite him around upstairs, dying several times until he suddenly disappears. I go outside and continue clearning trash until I find Bensen… realising that he’s surrounded. I kite a dire bear away from him, only to have it kill me. I cake, kill the bear and continue kiting and killing spiders. It feels like it takes forever, and I die at least once more here before I manage to get Bensen to come.

Getting back to the lodge I take Bensen to the basement door before heading to the shrine. As I sit down to shrine, the disappeared orange named pops up and attacks me. I get near death again, but manage to finish him off without dying. I shrine, buff up and head downstairs.

Down in the basement I run past the mobs to get up on the shelf. I kill off the trash mobs, hop down to activate the end fight, climb back up to the safe-ish spot and begin shooting. I’m indecisive, I shoot the earth ellie, then the end boss, only to have the ellie earth grab me and the boss kill me with some of his spells. I summon Andaro to raise me, buff up and attempt to keep Andaro out of harms way. I kill off the ellie and begin shooting at the end boss. I have Andaro heal me, while I heal Andaro, and slowly the boss’ hit points start going down. He goes down, I kill of the trash and loot the chest to finish the quest.

This was my second time solo’ing this quest on this difficulty. For comparison, have a look at this blog.

That’s all for this post. Thank you for stopping by. 🙂


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