Raids week 41

I was a little bit late last Saturday, and posted for R2 LTS at about 3.15 pm EST (I try to always post at 3). The group was slow filling, and it wasn’t until one of the last few spots that we got strength. The group filled before we started, and I waited for most before running to the front door. This time I didn’t die, in fact things went really smooth up until the end fight. Most of the party stayed in the safe spot, yet Sorjek reset once. He fell down and then reset. I don’t know what caused him to fall down or if the reset was because of the fall or if one of the party members got knocked off. The end fight was anyway long and boring, but eventually Soejek went down. We finished the raid in 30 min, and I didn’t die at all this run. A few named items dropped.

Then, as always, I wanted to post for Riding the Storm. I posted, Bron went afk for a moment, and when he got back it was just me and him left in the party. After close to an hour of waiting, with only a few joiners, I suggested we short man normal. I switched to Maidae for more dps. Revirunner joined just as we were ready to get started and we were 7 instead of 6. I was discussing tactics with Bron and Amorea before the run and I decided that we should do south east, north to valley/ravine then west skipping the skellies in the ravine, leaving north for last. I did run a bit too fast, leaving the skellies behind, having the others tell me that we have to kill them as they heal each other. We did also notice another thing, the south west pillar has no purpose when you’re coming from the north. I guess it opens the gate from the other side if you somehow ended up there without opening the gate? Last week, btw, I also had someone use d-door to get out of a stuck spot, and yes, d-dooring does not lock you out.

The pillar we didn’t need to light up

Anyway, I know we only did normal, but we were somewhat organized, everyone knew what to do, the puzzles got done quickly and Thilanas did an excellent job tanking the dragon. I told him to turn the dragon around if he gets pushed too close to the edge (on Amorea’s suggestion), and I believe he only got blown off once (the dragon has a wing attack that can throw you off the platform). We finished in 48 minutes and I think we only had one or two deaths. As I didn’t die, I can’t check the deaths. One or two named items dropped.

Dragon’s wing attack

Maidae got a 16k sneak attack crit on the dragon


I was thinking of posting for a Defiler, but since Mcwitty had one up, I decided to join him. We waited and waited, but only got 1 joiner in that time. We decided to attempt a short man normal. We were split two and two on each side and about half way through my side started to struggle, we couldn’t get the executioners down fast enough and then suddenly we had too many reinforcements and it was a fail. Mcwitty had to go and Tiigerlilly got the star. He asked if we wanted to try again, and I an Mordin was down for a retry. We waited and waited and waited some more. It was around 1 in the morning for me (9 pm EST) when we finally got started on attempt 2, this time a party of 7. This time we did good, the raid finished in 22 min.

As the raids had been slow with mostly waiting, I was quite done after doj, so I said goodnight and logged off.

That’s all for the raids for this time.
See you next time.

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