Raids week 39

I eTR’d Thaz July 30th, and then I was away last weekend, so raids were cancelled. I was trying to get Thaz back to cap before this week’s raids, but didn’t quite make it. I didn’t want to run Thaz in RSO without the level 30 ring I made for it, so I decided to run Maidae instead. I posted for the raids (Tempest’s Spine) at exactly 3 pm EST, and I somewhat quickly got a few joiners. I was a bit worried that I would have issues getting joiners posting on another character than usually, but my worry was in vain. It took 15-20 min to have enough people to start. Fire and ice went really well and we were quickly on our way to the end fight. We managed to do the end fight without Sorjek resetting this time. The raid finished in 24 minutes.

I posted for RSO while we were waiting to loot in TS (someone got blown of and we were waiting for them to get to the chests), and the party filled. After looting and some people leaving I put the lfm back up and not too long after we had a full party again. Someone realised they had forgotten to switch their ED as we were finishing the first puzzles in RSO, and we had to restart so they could switch it. The first dragon fight was a bit slow, but we got it done and then off to the side area. We stayed as a group to increase dps and the puzzles were getting done at a good speed, even though people were dying a bit. Lightning was hitting us rather hard and I on Maidae was also having a bit of trouble keeping up with the heals. The side area was still not the hardest part, the end fight was. During the end fight we had a lot of deaths, people got blown off a bit but not too much. The skellies down below weren’t that much of a problem, but the dragon’s lightning attack was. We did manage to finish without needing to use Jibber’s (someone might have used one but it wasn’t needed). The raid finished in 62 minutes. Two named items dropped: Gauntlets of the Aggressor and Bluescale Guides.

Next I posted for Defiler of the Just hard. I didn’t feel like waiting too long, so when we were 9 people in party I stepped in. We got two more before I locked the raid and took the lfm down. I didn’t split the party but let people figure it out on their own, I just helped keep an eye out for archons and reinforcements. We lost one archon in the last wave, but other than that we had a good amount of dps and the raid felt rather easy. We finished the snake off at the end in good time before the end boss went active, and not even the boss turned out to be too much of a challenge. A few named items dropped, including the longsword and the tower shield, but not the gloves that Bron was looking for. I forgot to screenshot the quest report.

Someone had asked me to post for a Mark of Death, so I did. Though, I wasn’t sure Maidae was flagged for it and as I got there I noticed she wasn’t. Since epic necro isn’t something that I usually run during levelling, I tend to forget to flag for it. I switched to Thaz for this raid. I stepped in when we were almost full and now I can’t remember if we filled before starting but we might have. Only two people made it to the side areas, so I decided to go help on the east side. The raid felt quick and easy and we finished in 19 minutes. No named items dropped.

Last raid for the night was Shroud, on someone’s suggestion. I decided to stay on Thaz, as Shoud is quite good xp and I knew it would give me enough to cap. I posted and we waited. As we were almost full I stepped in and before locking the raid we filled. Dps was quite good and part one didn’t take too long to complete. Part 2 also felt rather easy, part 3 was somewhat quick as well as part 4. We had a few deaths in part 5 but overall it was a quick and easy run, and I capped Thaz.

After Shroud I didn’t feel like doing anymore raids (and it was almost 2 in the morning for me), so I thanked the group, leveled Thaz and logged off for the night.

That’s all for the raids for this time.
Ty for stopping by and happy raiding.




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