Raids week 38

Saturday (yesterday) was week 38 since my relaunch of the EEraids. I was a bit late again, but not as late as last week, and posted for LTS reaper 2. The first people to join were the guild Multiverse Agents, which was nice. 🙂 Interest was semi slow at first, and I wasn’t sure if I had both intelligence and strength before the party filled. What was unusual for this week was that we had a full party before we started, and everyone made it to the front door intact. We had a few (less than usually) deaths in fire and ice, Sorjek reset a couple of times in the end fight, but over all it was a quick and easy run. We finished in 24 minutes. 3 armors dropped, what I could see; docent, medium armor and robe of Celestial Sage.

This week I also posted for a hard Riding the Storm, but left the lfm at 28-30. It took about 40 minutes to fill and get started, but eventually we did. Bron, who has been running this raid with different groups, told me that another group had not split the party for the side area, so I decided to try that. The plan was to do SW to SE, clear all the skellies and leave people to do the puzzles while the party continued to clear skellies. What it seemed like to me was this caused the lightning to hit us a lot more often than it normally would. I’ll have to test this a bit more to see if this is the case. After the run I also noticed that I forgot to wear my electricity absorption ring, I was using my greensteel weapon and energy sheath. Side area progressed fine, the end fight turned out to be a challenge.

People (including the tank) got blown off, people died. I died when I was standing near the edge, so I decided to stay under the dragon’s wings to avoid the mass lightning attack she does. There I stayed and attempted to raise people, without seeing if they were off timer or not until I got blown off. Down below several giant skellies had spawned, so I only managed to raise one person before dying. I tried using my jibber’s, but lightning hit me before I could raise anyone. Someone else got blown off and threw me a raise, I got two soul stones and took the jet back up, but died as I reached the top. Luckily the soul stones landed on the edge and didn’t fall down. Before I could be raised the party killed the dragon and we finished. Two named items dropped; Arm of the Aggressor and Bluescale Guides.

I asked the party what else they wanted to run, and Defiler was suggested. I posted for normal or hard, the party filled so I suggested we do hard. I didn’t split the party up, but I switched sides when I realised the other side was struggling to get the executioners down on time. Two archons died, but other than that we managed to complete the tasks. The snake went down, but the boss was a bit of a challenge. We didn’t manage to get her down before she started bombardment, and the party almost wiped. Someone managed to stay alive and started throwing raises. I got a raise, but had already activated my jibber’s, so it was used instead of accepting the raise. I started throwing raises to the party, and we got the boss down before we were hit by bombardment again. I don’t think any named item dropped at all this run.

Blamm had posted in channel asking for a shroud, so I posted for a hard one. Slizzy sent me a tell that he would like me to save him a spot while he quickly flags on heroic. While we’re waiting for him, several others showed an interest in joining, but I had to turn them down as we were full. The run itself was nothing special, we completed each part without any bigger issues. In part 2 I was trying to blind a group of mobs and ended up dying, other than that I mostly spend the raid throwing occasional heals and raises. We finished in 50 minutes.

After Shroud it was already almost 2 in the morning for me, so I thanked the raiders and logged off for the night.

Next week I will bse unavailable for the raids, so the next raids will be in two week.

That’s all for this time, thank you for stopping by.


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