Raids week 37

Raids 37 was last Saturday. I went for a bike ride earlier in the evening, and when I got home I started feeling sick so taking care of the degus took a lot longer than it usually does and I didn’t post for the raids til 4pm EST (10 pm my time). I posted for LE TS, R2 level 30-30, and it took a good long while before we had enough people to start. The raid itself went well, fire & ice was no real issue, and the end fight we did like last week, fought Sorjek from the safe spot to avoid him resetting.

Then I wanted to do Riding the Storm hard. The lfm was for 30-30, but after about 30 min waiting, I decided to lower it to 27-30 and normal. After a long wait with only one or two more joiners since the lfm went up, we decided to short man. For the split Bron, Punchedout and Aright did west side, the rest east. Things took a bit longer than with a full party, but other than that I felt things progressed nicely. I spent some time attempting to screenshot how much damage I was taking with the electricity absorb and resistance I had. It seemed like I was never taking more than 204 per hit. We finished the raid in 41 minutes. Since I didn’t die, I don’t know how many deaths we had, but someone died more than the others.


Bron wanted to do a Defiler, so I posted for it. Again we really weren’t getting much joiners, so I suggested a short man normal run. We got one more joiner just before locking the raid which made us a total of 8. The raid was good, we lost one archon, but other than that we didn’t really have any issues. We finished in 25 minutes.

After Defiler it was already 2 in the morning for me, and the party split, so I logged off for the night.

That’s all for the raids for last week. Until next the next raids.


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