Raiding with the static group

Schoan, Valdayanie and Jarvanna have not done a whole lot of raids, mostly due to the fact that we don’t really play these characters outside the group and Schoan has had a lot of problems with lag in raids. As we hadn’t done Legendary Shroud together, I suggested I’d post for a normal run, and I did. We quickly got a few joiners, and when I felt we had enough to start,  I suggested we run short man. My character felt terrible in the run, and I brought Evilynnn with me as a piker, which did cause a bit of distraction for me. The raid progressed slowly, but over all it was a good run.

After Shroud we did an EE Don’t drink the water, just the three of us + Evilynnn, and then I suggested we do a Fall of Truth, as we hadn’t done that one either. I posted for hard, but within a few minutes changed my mind, took down the lfm and suggested with attempt a normal run just the three of us. I told Schoan to bring her pale lavender ioun stone and only put it on when she sees the 3-2-1 on screen and to take it off right after.

I didn’t really think we’d be able to pull if off, but I thought it would be a fun challenge. I was getting a lot of debuffs as I worked on the pairs, I wasn’t really paying much attention to what Schoan and Valdayanie were doing – except I told them to let Evilynnn die. TO aggro’d on me when he came down, and I had to deal with his attacks while I was working on the pairs. After the last pair went down, me and Schoan used a shuriken to work down the crystal. While we were doing this, I had a change of thought or plan. At the start of the raid I had suggested I take Stormreaver and Valdayanie and Schoan work on TO, but after all the aggro from TO and my character handling it ok, I figured Valdayanie as a caster druid would probably have a better chance at dealing with RS than TO. We decided that Valdayanie take SR and me and Schoan work on TO.

At first things were going well, then the undead dragons spawned. One aggro’d on me, two on Valdayanie and he got stoned. Stoned he died and SR was loose.  I started kiting stuff around while trying to get Valdayanie back up, Schoan got some stuff and I told her to kite. Valdayanie got back up and I said I was going to kill the undead dragons before getting back to prep TO, as we can’t handle all the damage they’re doing. Kiting stuff around, a few deaths and eventually I manage to kill all three undead dragons. Me and Schoan get back to working on TO and Valdayanie goes down again. I ask Schoan to try and raise. She does this and then stays to help Valdayanie, while I work on TO. TO flies up a couple of times, but we manage to synchronize our dps somewhat, and then RS suddenly goes downs when I still have maybe 2% to go on TO. I hurry and manage to get TO down and we finished the raid! Yay!

It was getting late and I was tried, but the FOT completion was a wonderful end of the day. I was proud of my group for cooperating to get things done.

Until the next time.

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