Update 36 is out (some spoilers)

It wasn’t until Sunday that I finally got to run the new quests. Since there was a treasure hunter bonus going on, I figured I’d get as many runs in as possible. On Sunday I did 3 runs of the whole chain on Thazara on R2. The I learned that the wisdom ring I wanted drops in Graveyard shift, so Monday-Wednesday I ran only that one times 3/ day until I finally got my ring. On Thursday I did another full chain run, this time on Maidae.

Here are some of the items that dropped during the runs. (I forgot to screenshot armor, doubleshot belt, charisma cloak, staff, etc…)

Graveyard Shift:

Records of the Past:

Desire in the Dark:

I would like a strength cloak (I only got intelligence), and another wisdom ring for Maidae.. but I’m taking a break from the chain for now.

That’s all for this post. Thank you for stopping by.


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