Raids week 36

U36 was out last week and for the weekend there was a treasure hunter bonus. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to fill my raids since people were running the new quests, and I wanted to do a higher difficulty than usually, both in TS and RSO. Turns out that filling the group wasn’t the biggest issue. We went in on reaper 3 skulls, and things were progressing fine until we got to Sorjek. Yes, we struggled a bit in fire & ice, but not much more than we usually do on R2. We get to the end fight, I do the left side of the puzzle like I usually do and put the rune in. I tell my party to keep Sorjek at the safe spot and we star working on his hp. Ding! Ding! Ding! Sorjek turns towards the pillar to his left – and resets. Disappointed we start over on his hp. A few minutes later same thing, someone dies and Sorjek resets. We try a few different tactics, even kiting him away from the pillars, but every once in a while when someone dies or is dead, he resets. After almost an hour in there on R3, I realise we’re not going to be able to do it and suggest we try on R2 instead.

R2 is a bit faster up until the end fight, but end fight seemes to be very similar. To avoid Sorjek resetting, we decided that the whole party needs to be in the safe spot – redusing our dps to dots and some ranged – but at least we don’t have more than one or two deaths. It’s 11.30pm my time (I post at 9pm) when we finally finish TS.

Then I wanted to do a hard Riding the Storm Out, because another group had done a hard run earlier in the week. It was almost one in the morning for me before we got started. For side areas I took east side with Asbat as my main puzzler, and Bron and Trese got to do west (rest of party split up between us). Hard was a bit harder and took a bit longer, but I think the main issues we were having was communication with the teams, that didn’t work as well as we would have wanted. But we got things done and the raid finished in 68 minutes. We had the best loot drop I’ve seen so far, with 6 named items dropping; Strap of ScaleFlame InsigniaArm of the AggressorBluescale GuidesGauntlets of the Aggressor and Discerning Gaze.

Since it was almost 2 in the morning for me when we finished RSo, I had no plans to do anymore.

That’s all for the raids for this time. More raids on Saturday 🙂



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