Raids week 33

This is the raids post for last Saturday. I’m again a bit late writing it, but at least I managed to get it done before the next raids 🙂 If you’d like to join my Saturday raids on Orien, feel free to join the channel “/joinchannel EEraids endgame”. Currently I/ we do reaper 2 legendary Tempest’s Spine and a normal Riding the Storm, after which ppl get to suggest what they want to run. If I don’t get any suggestions I pick something I would like to run. I post for TS at about 3 pm EST, sometimes a bit later.

Anyway, last week we did TS and RSO as per usual. For some reason I completely forgot to get the group picture of TS group, I only got the experience report. It seems like we finished at 3.48 pm, so filling the group and running the raid took 48 minutes. This time I also didn’t die, and killed a few trash mobs in fire & ice. It looks in the experience report like we didn’t have a full party, but we did.


Riding the storm always takes longer to fill, as it’s really not a popular raid. But this time, after waiting a while, I actually had to turn one person away as they joined just as someone reserved the last spot. As always I divided people into two groups for the side area, I do west, someone else east. For west I try to pick people who either don’t know the raid too well, or who may need a bit of heals, and of course someone to do puzzles and some chars for dps. Hopefully I can have ppl who are both new and able to either do puzzles or dps. This week my group struggled a bit, as the puzzlers had never done them in lightning storm before, and I struggled a bit to get ppl to go the way I wanted them too. So, we only did 4 puzzles, while the east side did the rest (usually my side has been faster). But we finished without too many deaths, and the dragon fight went well. The raid finished in 31 minutes.

One of my party members had expressed a wish to run MOD, so I decided that we should do that after RSO. Since I had a few ppl staying, I really wanted to give Reaper a try. Jedli told me we were gonna fail, but I was determined to at least try once.. and so we did. I thought we had a decent enough group and the raid was progressing nicely. As the death knights went down, things started to get messy. Inferno after inferno, beholders came lose and no one was dps’ing the Abbot. Some how ppl managed to struggle through, managed to stay alive long enough to kill Abbot, and we finished our first reaper MoD. Yay!


For some reason I really wanted to do an EE Caught in the Web on Cerge after MoD. Ppl were interested in tagging along, but suggested we do reaper for a chance at reaper and mythic items. I knew we wouldn’t really be getting any reaper xp from it, but for loot, why not. I took Ana, as I was ranged.. and the raid progressed nicely. We lagged a bit here and there, but we didn’t really run into any major issues until the end fight. I decided that we should fight down below until the spawns stop, which seemed to work fine.. but as we went up to fight Lolth things got messy. Someone fell off, someone else died, we suddenly couldn’t kill off the trash and/ or dps Lolth and Lolth went back to full health. Ana got a bit beat up. But, we managed to struggle through, I did the last orb and went up to the portal. We killed the keepers and Ana went through. The raid finished in 49 minutes. We didn’t get the 6th chest.. but several named items dropped, even a mythic Twilight.

After CitW someone wanted to do Defiler. I was up for it, but didn’t want to try a higher difficulty than hard. This raid lags a lot at the first gate, and on EE we’ve failed many times there. EH is manageable and not too much of a hassle. I let the group split itself and we managed fine. The raid felt quit easy.. until the last archon wave where we failed to rescue one. The end fight was quick and easy. I don’t remember if any items dropped.

As it was already 1.30 in the morning when Defiler finished, I was not really up for doing more. I called it a night and said thank you for the runs. Until the next raids.

That’s it for this post. Thank you for stopping by. 🙂


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