LN TS with static group

The static group characters don’t get a lot of love. We run together at the most once a week, and currently we’re running in off EDs to try and cap them out. I suggested we cap all our EDs before TR, but we’ll see if that actually happens. This time I wanted to attempts a short man Legendary Tempest’s spine. I spent a while crafting a str item for Jarvanna so she could do the str levers (yes my gimpy druid didn’t even have 47 str), and I brought in Godscraft for the int rune and Evilynnn just as a piker/ raiser.

I didn’t really think we’d struggle too much, but our first challenge, fire & ice, ended up with all of us dying.. so I got Gods to come in and kill trash.. and then used him to finish off fire & ice. The reavers in there, the fire and ice reaver/ render aren’t really hard to kill.. it’s the trash that usually gets you, because there is a lot of it. We finished killing off trash and continued on through the short cut.

Things progressed nicely until it was time to fight Sor’jek. I realised my TF weapon wasn’t doing a whole lot of damage, so his hp was going down very slowly. As we all got blown off, he reset. Getting back, same thing happened.. and as I went on a rescue mission.. both Gods and Jarv died. I had to use Evilynnn to raise, and then struggle to get back. Valdayanie decided to release to go repair while I was rescuing my own chars. I realised 2 things. 1. If we all leave the platform, Sorjek resets and 2. there’s no way for us to not get blown off. So, I brought in both Evil and Gods to the end fight, and placed them in the safe spot.. Evil to keep Sorjek from resetting, and Gods for ruin. Then we all went back in to fight.

I got blown off, Schoan got blown off, Valdayanie got blown off.. Evil and Gods stayed. Sorjek for some reason kept aggroing on Evil (attacking her with lightning) and I had to switch game client/ window to heal her.  After I had to run back for about the 5th time, I decided to just ruin Sor’jek with Gods instead of running back to get blown off again. When Sor’jek went down I ran back for loot. Leathers of the Celestial Avenger dropped, but as both Schoan and I have monk levels, I passed them to Valdayanie.

I wish run the raid again to try getting armors for both me and Schoan, but next time I’ll use better tactics, maybe better weapon as well.

Until then.

P.S. Frostbite seems bugged, or maybe it’s a graphical glitch? After activating it and switching back to another weapon buff (I tried all four alignments), the visual effect continued to show cold immune, instead of the effect I had chosen.


3 comments on “LN TS with static group

  1. Ugh, way to hang in there Micki!! Sounds like it was a little rough. I haven’t tried to dual box a raid, but it sounds like it helped ya little bit in this case.

    • Yeah… Gods is a several year old shiradi build, and really weak atm, but he did help a lot in this run. Evilynnn does nothing but pike, buff and raise (she’s also my necro opener), but she also did ok here.

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