Sometimes you have to solo

I’m generally not a fan of soloing, as I enjoy the company of other players.. so unless I’m multiboxing, I tend to lfm for the quests I want to do. But with the addition of reaper difficulty and the limitations of it, getting people to join my lfm has been getting harder. Getting joiners for EE was already difficult at times, but reaper has become a challenge. I don’t like waiting around too long for people to join my lfm, so most of the time I’ll pick a difficulty I can (with some difficulty) solo and hope that someone joins me in progress.

Cerge is on his first epic reincarnation as a ranger, and during leveling I’ve ended up soloing a few times. The most recent ones were Detour Epic R2 and yesterday I ran Lines of Supply Epic R1. Both quests I had not intended to solo, I was hoping to get some help along the way, but in Detour I only got one joiner, who decided to drop party after his 1 death (I still consider this a solo run for me), and for Lines I didn’t even get an applicant. I died a couple of times from the wolves near the shrine, and then a few times in the end fight due to the end boss being a caster (I’ve been having problems with the casters).


In Lines I managed to finish the first convoy, I killed all the carriers in the first wave, but then I had to run away due to trash, and only got back by the time the giants had spawned. I used traps and killed giants and some trash, and for some reason the quest gave me the optional for convoy 2-5, even though I didn’t actually kill the mobs in those spawns. I died a couple of times by the shine and once from a reaper in the end area (hire raised me there).

I bring a hire if I’m soloing (sometimes with a party as well), but I don’t have him for heals, only for raise. The hire is often parked at the start or in a safe place away from danger. If I die or the party wipes, I summon him to a place away from mobs, but near enough to raise people. It was worked somewhat well, but I learned that the hire will not listen to commands while parked, he needs to be unparked to raise.

Anyway, here’s hoping for joiners for my adventures, as grouping is a lot more fun.

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21 comments on “Sometimes you have to solo

      • Yes I play on Orien. Being mobility challenged I can be on anytime. I belong to the guild known as Geezers only – hey it fits!

      • 🙂 cool, cool. Due to irl I’m not on every day, but most days I am. Feel free to join my lfm if you see it, or give me a char name and I can send you a tell if you’re on.

  1. LOL – Give me a class and/or lvl and I probably have it. I have two epic lvl, Gossamery a half orc Barbarian, and Txuna a Shadia Kia [spelling?] Rogue. The rest of my 12 range from 7 to 17. Ceevakia, Graveagent, Koishade, Larrith, Ravhan, Rhuw, Talyessyn, Thakira, Verdela, and Yufora.

    • 🙂 k. Well Cerge is 29, he’ll most likely hit 30 this week and eTR… when I’ll be running epic reaper quests from level 20, starting with Lords of Dust and House D chain.

      • When and where – I’ll be there if at all possible. Not much would make it impossible.

      • 🙂 If I manage to cap and eTR Cerge today (Wedensday), I’m thinking I’ll be up for running 20s on Thursday at 3 or 4 pm EST (9 or 10 Swedish time). Do you have a lvl 20? I prefer running reaper at level. Otherwise, I could also run the level 9s… just started doing necro 2, tried reaper, but fell flat. What time zone are you in?

      • I am in central. As to lvl 20 would you accept a lvl 21? The other toons close is lvl 23 in one direction and 16 in the other. My Shadar-kai rogue just made 21.

      • Ok. Will do. A bit less reaper xp but I can live with that. Ok, let’s say 9.30 my time, that’s 3.30 pm EST or 2.30 pm CST, Thursday.

      • Sorry I missed. I have a chronic illness and sometimes it lays me flat. It is something I have learned to live with. I will try to get some reaper ex, but that is where my problem with getting up a group or even a duo. When I suggest reaper everyone [including spouse LOL] runs and hides.

      • Ok. That’s ok. I did house D. We can try again on Monday if you like? Also, feel free to send an email through the contact form (contact up top on the blog).. if you’d prefer not having this public on the blog 🙂

      • It is fine if other people see my comments. Maybe get more players??? Just a thought LOL and Monday will be fine. What quest?. so I can make sure I am flagged if need be.

      • Any or all. The only one I have done completely is the “Lords of Dust” the other two I have done parts of only. Also did them with another toon than the one I will be using Monday. BTW do you have a cap on Lvl? I am trying to convince spouse to come along and his character is a lvl 24 rogue/monk. Some of the epic combos are strange. When I get my lvl 23 half orc barbarian ready to change state it will either be a spiritual nature guardian or a member of the fey. Jeeeeeesh.

      • Ok, well for reaper we should be the same level as the quest on normal or max one over at -25%. If you want to bring a level 24, there really isn’t any point in doing reaper.

      • I will be running my lvl 21 – – spouse is not interested and he is the one with the lvl 24

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