Raids week 31

This blog post is a bit late, as raids 31 were a week ago. I came home after 9 days in Croatia, and wanted to do the raids, even though I had posted in channel last time that I would be absent for 2 weeks. Maybe this is why the interest was quite low, maybe it was because there was a Shroud post up at the same time, I don’t know. Anyway, I posted for Reaper 2 Tempest’s Spine at 9 pm my time (3 pm EST), and then I waited. It took something like 40 minutes to get 7 people, after which I decided to start. Then suddenly we filled, as the shroud group had finished and decided to join. Someone had posted in channel that they were farming while waiting for my party to get more joiners, and as they didn’t say they wanted me to save a spot I forgot about them (sorry). They did get a spot in the next raid though.

This week the TS group was a bit weaker than usually. It felt like we were more disorganised with more deaths, and it took longer to finish that it usually does on R2. We did finish in 40 minutes though.

Then I wanted to do Riding the Storm out. Only one person from the TS group stayed on but a few re-joined later. And we waited and waited. When we were 3 people short I decided to start, but as the raid locked I got a tell from someone wanting to join so I decided to restart. This gave us somewhat equal split groups for the side area. We had a few new people, which meant there were a few deaths, but our dps was good and I felt the run was somewhat organised this time. My side finished the puzzles a bit faster, but I think that was mainly because I had two puzzlers while the other side only had one. We finished the raid in 43 minutes and were completely skunked on loot.

As it was running late when we finally finished (it was around 12.30 am my time), I didn’t really want to post for anything that would take long or require waiting. I decided to post for ADQ, as Thaz is only a few completions away from her 100 completion. I locked the group at 6 people and it filled quickly. There was actually a 7th that wanted to join, and said they would solo the pre and join for the raids. The 6th joiner dropped group, and I invited the 7th instead.

The pre went fine, and semi quick as did the first end fight. But as we stepped into the second end fight, the quest locked up. No one could move, or at least I think so. I just kept seeing my “Magical Efficiency 10%” pop up on my screen over and over again. I saw my party member saying Lailat was dying and then I could suddenly move again, while it looked like my party and Lailat were still frozen, so I started firing. I was told “you can stop shooting”, but I didn’t get it until my party told me Lailat was dead and they were already out. I worried that I would have missed the flag, but restarted my client to get rid of the bugged instance. I got back in and as it turns out I was flagged and could join them for the raid. The raid was quick and easy and Lailat went down fast.

Glitched instance in ADQ 1



I was ready to call it a night, as it was late and I was tired, but I had promised Harrmony that I would join him for Abbot. I asked Upload join us and then gave her the star for it. We were a bit sceptical, but with no joiners we decided to attempt a 3 man run. The plan was that I would stay in center and raise, while Upload and Harrmony did the doors. The “ice” room went well. Now-a-days when people have 1k hp or more with cocoon, and pots you can swim it. Then they attempted to do tiles, the standard way with one person guiding the other. This is quite tricky and I think it was after 4 attempts that I had had enough, as we had to fight abbot after each failed attempt, and I was potting to keep my mana up.

Anyway, that was all the raids for last week, more raids later today.

Thank you for stopping by.


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