Cerge eTR 11

Yesterday I ran the dailies once eH to cap Cerge, and then right away eTR’d for the 11th time. I’m not getting any closer to epic completionist, though, as I’m doing Primal for Doubleshot (this is the 5th past life in Primal). Anyway, I eTR’d and then right away colored his hair scarlet, lol. Here are the before and after pictures.


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I colored Cerge’s hair!

Cerge is a shadarkai this life, and since I’ve liked him blond, I made him blond this life as well. I tend to collect the hair dyes that drop from chests at times, and I send them to a bank character that stores them. This time, though, I had two hair dyes in Cerge’s inventory, burgundy and scarlet, and I figured why not so I used the burgundy. I think I like it. What say you?


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Sometimes you have to solo

I’m generally not a fan of soloing, as I enjoy the company of other players.. so unless I’m multiboxing, I tend to lfm for the quests I want to do. But with the addition of reaper difficulty and the limitations of it, getting people to join my lfm has been getting harder. Getting joiners for EE was already difficult at times, but reaper has become a challenge. I don’t like waiting around too long for people to join my lfm, so most of the time I’ll pick a difficulty I can (with some difficulty) solo and hope that someone joins me in progress.

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Raids week 32

This time interest was a bit higher than last time. Checking the screenshots, at half past 9 (4.30 pm EST) the raid (R2 TS) was already in progress. I got joiners rather quickly and got our strength char also before the party filled. Someone sent a tell asking me to save a spot, which I did, but the raid finished before he could finish the VOD run he was in. This time I decided to go to fire instead of ice, and even though we had to do both fire and ice twice due to failed timing, I didn’t die and managed to implode a number of mephits. The raid progressed quickly and even the end fight was much faster than last time. We finished in 22 minutes.

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Raids week 31

This blog post is a bit late, as raids 31 were a week ago. I came home after 9 days in Croatia, and wanted to do the raids, even though I had posted in channel last time that I would be absent for 2 weeks. Maybe this is why the interest was quite low, maybe it was because there was a Shroud post up at the same time, I don’t know. Anyway, I posted for Reaper 2 Tempest’s Spine at 9 pm my time (3 pm EST), and then I waited. It took something like 40 minutes to get 7 people, after which I decided to start. Then suddenly we filled, as the shroud group had finished and decided to join. Someone had posted in channel that they were farming while waiting for my party to get more joiners, and as they didn’t say they wanted me to save a spot I forgot about them (sorry). They did get a spot in the next raid though.

This week the TS group was a bit weaker than usually. It felt like we were more disorganised with more deaths, and it took longer to finish that it usually does on R2. We did finish in 40 minutes though.

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