Raids week 30

I posted for R2 Tempest’s Spine as per usual at 3 pm EST. I didn’t have to wait too long for joiners, but with 4 spots left, we still din’t have anyone to do strength and intelligence. In the 9th spot our str char joined and then Niv sent me a tell asking if we needed an int char. I said yes, he joined and off we went.  The party filled as we were in progress. I may have been playing a bit sloppier this time, or maybe my party was less aggressive than it usually is, but I died at least twice in ice this time. But my party was awesome as always and we didn’t really have that much issues to finish that part. Usually, in the end fight I de from Sorjek’s lightning attacks, but this time he shot me with an arrow at least twice. We finished in just under 30 min.

Then off to Riding the Storm Out. This raid is really not popular on our server, and each run I seem to get some that has either never run it, or never completed it. I don’t mind, it just means I’m sticking to normal difficulty. I explained as well as I could what we needed to do, and attempted to split the party  for the side area. To the newbies it may have seemed messy, but I felt that the side area part went quite well. East and west took as long this time, and we met up at north puzzles before heading to the shrine. We finished in just under an hour, after a bit of a struggle in the end fight.

Someone had wanted a shroud, so I decided to post for one. “EE if full party” I wrote.  After a good long wait with no joiners (I lost about half the party when I posted), I suggested I switch to Maidae and we just 6 man normal instead. I’ve not actually attempted to short man Legendary Shroud before, so I was surprised at how well it went. We completed all the puzzles (I died twice in 5×5 SE), and we even completed part 4 in one round without any issues.

I asked the party about other raids, and Klorox mentioned that he’s looking for heroic shards. I said sure, and posted for heroic shroud. I was in no hurry to start, so before we entered, we had a full party. One player realised as we were entering that they hadn’t completed the crafting tutorial, so we ended up waiting a bit longer before starting. I forgot to screenshot the experience report, but heroic shroud was quick and easy and we did all the puzzles.

Someone wanted to do another run, so I gave Zzed the star and swiched to Cerge. After getting back I let her keep the star and we started after maybe 10 min of waiting. Another quick and easy completion later, I was still up for one more raid, while most of the party was done for the night. I wanted to run ADQ, as Thaz is missing a few for another 20th completion. I posted for max 6 players, and before we were done with the preraid I had a full party. In fact, I had more people interested, so had to turn someone away. As this is a low level quest and raid, the completion was quick and easy, both the quest and the raid itself.

After ADQ it was already quite late, so I decided to call it a night.

That’s all for this time, thank you for stopping by.

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