Raids week 26

I was a bit late logging on, and apparently this week people were waiting for my post, since as soon as put the post up, people started clicking the lfm and we filled in like 5 minutes. I started with Tempest’s Spine reaper 2. The run was a lot better than last week, but we did have a few deaths, and I got kicked off and had to run back. Luckily I ended up close to the short cut entrance and didn’t have to worry about running into any mobs on the way back. We finished TS in 25 minutes.

The the plan was to do Riding the Storm out LH. I had a good group of people, but I didn’t want to attempt the raid short manned, so we waited. I was looking for people on the who, but the few names I recognised were busy doing other things. After waiting 40-50 minutes without filling the party, I suggested we just short man normal instead. We also had a few first timers, so I figured normal was better anyway. The run was pretty good, we had a few deaths, some miscommunication and we struggled on the last puzzle, but nothing major. I also took screenshots of all the rune pillars and puzzles I found (I didn’t run around the whole area, though), and I intend to continue this next time, in hopes of mapping them all out for future runs. We completed RSO in 50 minutes.


Some party members were in a hurry, but people wanted to do more raids, so I decided on Fire on Thunderpeak as a fast run. I posted and we filled quickly, so I decided on EE. This raid is not nearly as difficult as it once was, and with a full party, EE shouldn’t be too difficult. I was kiting a bunch of stuff and even one of the dragons for a bit, died twice, but the raid progressed nicely and we finished in 16 minutes, lol. That’s kinda crazy in comparison.

Since some of the party members were still up for more, I posted for Mark of Death reaper 1. I could not get the party to fill, so we decided to do a short man attempt. We managed to finish the side rooms, but when the beholders spawned things went sideways and we wiped. I posted for “normal or hard” instead and suddenly people started joining en masse. We were 11 people when I decided to start.The last joiner joined as we were half way though, but sadly they didn’t make it in for a completion. I was all for trying again on reaper, but sadly people weren’t interested. We shall try another time.

That was all for this week. After MOD it was already 1.30 in the morning for me, so I gave up for the night. Until next time.

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