Raids week 25

Last week I was away so didn’t host any raids, this week I was back again with the plan to do at least Tempest’s Spine and Riding the Storm Out. I decided to post for TS reaper 3 just after 9 pm my time. At first it seemed like I would have to cancel the raids, but then Haleyh and Klorox joined, and it didn’t take too long before I had enough players so we could start.

Things seemed fine up until end fight. We completed fire & ice with the normal amount of deaths (yeah, I died in ice as I usually do), and no one got lost or left behind. We get to end fight and people start dying. Max wondered if Sorjek’s hps were going down at all, but it was just that were were lacking in dps due to deaths. I got blown off at least 3 times and had to run back. Two of the times I ended up near entrance and once time I died and had to be rescued. When Sorjek was down to only a few percent hp, he walked too close to the left pillar and reset…

We were already low on resources and this was an additional blow. At least we managed to always have someone on the platform, and the reset didn’t happen again. After 59 minutes he finally went down an we got our loot and xp. To me the reaper xp was not worth the additional pain that R3 caused us, so next week I’ll be doing R2.


Then I wanted to do Riding the Storm Out LH. I posted for level 28-30, the same as for TS. I realised later that this was a mistake and I should have kept it lvl 30 only. Anyway, initially I had a few joiners but then we ended up waiting a long time to fill. Once we started filling, we started to have issues with the instance in the market (see the previous blog). I switched to Maidae for RSO as we already had 2 clerics in the party, at the time of the switch. Once we finally managed to enter the raid, we lost Halyeh and he had to be replaced. After a good long wait with a lot of problems we finally started. Everything was fine until it was time to fight the dragon.. and we realised we weren’t strong enough for LH. After a bunch of deaths we decided to try on normal instead.

Again we lost someone and had to replace them. The party had a few first timers and the raid was a bit confusing for them I’m guessing, but on normal things were progressing nicely and without too much issues we finished in 38 minutes.

The party didn’t seem interested in running more, so after the raid I logged off to work on my videos.

That’s all folks.

Ty for stopping by.


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